I was out on a hike in Southern Vermont the other day with my dog and as I climbed higher and higher, I started sweating and needed to shed a few layers. The jacket that kept me warm when I started was now roasting me like a turkey, making me uncomfortable and slowing me down. It made me think about the process of climbing to greater heights in life.

Every time you improve some area of your life, you will need to shed a layer of your old self. You may need to shed a relationship, a belief, a habit, a job, or even the identity you used to cling to.

Sometimes the things that helped you get started are the first things that need to go. It’s an unavoidable part of becoming the new you.

Share this video to anyone who is working hard to reach new heights in their life. This video will remind them that they’ll reach their new goal faster if they begin shedding layers now.

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