Is Now the Time to Become a Global Citizen? – Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Henderson

More freedom, more options, and fewer taxes are a few of the reasons why today’s guest has lived the life of a nomad capitalist since 2008. 

Becoming a global citizen has been gaining in popularity over that last several years for those people who are seeking a better lifestyle and a better return on their wealth. 

Andrew Henderson, managing partner of Nomad Capitalist says, “At its most basic, this idea means seeking out places that have plentiful business opportunities, value your wealth, and suit your lifestyle.”

The idea of becoming a global citizen raises a lot of questions for many people—especially during a pandemic—but today’s guest explains how a simple shift in your mindset can lead to a world of opportunity.  

In this episode, listeners will learn:
1. First steps one should take to becoming a global citizen
2. The best places to live depending on your lifestyle needs
3. How to invest where you live
4. How your taxes are impacted by becoming a global citizen

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Andrew Henderson discuss why more and more people are considering legal strategies to become global citizens.

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