Your new resolution is to make your extra pounds disappear? In addition to a good diet, sport is the best way to lose weight. Follow the guide to find out what physical activity to practice!

People who are overweight face many problems on a daily basis. Excess weight is indeed harmful for the joints, the back without forgetting of course the cardiovascular system because the heart is much more stressed. In addition, being overweight has a direct influence on self-esteem. Most people with unwanted pounds tend to have a poor self-image. If diet is often at the heart of the problem, the practice of physical activities is a mandatory step for those who wish to lose weight.

When is it about being overweight?

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, overweight indicates an excessive accumulation of fat presenting a health risk. This surplus is generally caused by an imbalance in the energy balance, it is essential to practice physical activity when one is overweight. In adults, an individual with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 30 is said to be overweight. Note that the normal BMI value is 19 to 24 in women and 20 to 25 in men. To calculate your BMI, simply divide the weight (in kg) by the square of the height (m). For example for a woman who measures 1m65 and weighs 68kg: 68 / (1.65 × 1.65) or 65 / 2.72 = 23.90.

Overweight: perform daily physical exercises

Before going back to sport, exercising daily is essential for losing weight. The first step is actually to avoid being sedentary. As a result, physical exercises performed as part of daily activities can have an influence on health.

To lose weight, start by walking before doing any other physical activity. To get to work, prefer to walk instead of taking the car or the bus if your workplace allows it.

  • To start, walk a quarter of an hour twice a day to arrive at three quarters of an hour or an hour of brisk walking per day.
  • For those taking the bus, get off one stop before your destination, it costs you nothing to walk five more minutes.
  • Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • As for dog owners, try to walk it more often, it will do him good and you too!

Fight against overweight: choose a suitable physical activity

It is not always easy to get back into sport for overweight people. This is why it is advisable to take the time to choose an activity suited to one's abilities (depending on the profile and level of overweight). To easily fight against overweight, the ideal is to find a physical activity that makes you want. Activities that lighten the body by part of the weight are to be preferred, especially those in water. These exercises allow the body to move enough while sparing the joints. In addition, any back pain experienced by overweight people tends to decrease. From walking to Nordic walking through aquagym, fitness or cycling, choose an activity that suits you to try to lose weight while also having fun!

Sports activity for overweight person: favor progressiveness

Whatever exercise you choose to lose weight, be aware that your body will be exposed to shocks to which it is not accustomed. Therefore, finding the best sport is not enough to lose weight. The goal is to practice regularly while starting out smoothly. Avoid doing too much to avoid feeling unmotivated or to avoid injury.

For beginners, set realistic goals. One or two weekly walking or swimming sessions, city bike rides are enough to get you started.

Know how to be patient

It is important to know how to be patient with yourself. Getting back into sport does not mean having a dream figure in two or three sessions. To avoid injury, you must be aware that the goal is not to be a professional sportsman, but to progress well.

Sport is not enough

It is difficult to actually lose weight by doing only physical activity. For best results, it is advisable to adopt a healthy diet, in addition to sports. A diet lower in calories is to be preferred. By combining sport and a healthy diet, your goal of gradually losing weight will be easier to achieve.