Culinary coaching is aimed at both professionals and individuals who wish to embark on a culinary project. The kitchen coach is a great help in preparing for a reception, developing a new menu or even changing your diet.

Do you care about your health and want to adopt a healthier diet? Do you want to save money when you shop? Are you soon planning a reception to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Whatever the problem encountered, you wonder where to start? What if you hired a culinary coach to reach your goal? Remember that a cooking coach does not give gastronomy lessons ... He accompanies you in the realization of your project: shopping, calculation of the daily budget, without forgetting the final preparation (assembly of the buffet, preparation of dishes). He will be your right arm from start to finish!

What is a culinary coach?

Culinary coaching is personalized support in the realization of a culinary project (professional or personal): birthday meal, Christmas buffet, reception ... A coach can also help you manage the daily life of your kitchen (shopping, stress, organization).
In a cooking class, a student learns the recipes, the cooking methods, the marriage of flavors ... On the other hand, in a culinary coaching, you are accompanied by a professional in the different stages of your culinary project. He doesn't cook, he guides you! It is important to differentiate the culinary coach from a chef.

The missions of a culinary coach are many and varied:

  • Calculate the budget required for a project;
  • Strengthen customer motivation;
  • Set up technical sheets;
  • Develop a restaurant menu;
  • Choose the equipment suited to your project;
  • Organize a schedule;
  • Optimize costs;

Why call on a culinary coach?

Individuals and professionals can call on a kitchen coach ... This professional can take on several roles depending on the objectives to be achieved. For an individual: the coach can intervene on an ad hoc or regular basis. He can assist you in organizing a reception. He will then advise you on the choice of menus, the type of buffet, the preparation of the shopping list, the budget calculation or the planning management. Its mission: to give you all the cards in hand to properly prepare your event, with complete peace of mind.

You can also hire a cooking coach to teach you how to better organize and prepare your daily meals. Thanks to his precious advice, you will know how to save time, recycle food to avoid waste, use your refrigerator intelligently or vary your menus. In this case, the coach will intervene regularly to allow you to advance at your own pace.

Using a culinary advisor is also useful if you have to adopt a gluten-free and lactose-free diet for health reasons. He will advise you on "alternative" products, where to buy them, how to cook them and how to vary the daily dishes. Changing eating habits can be very difficult for some people. External assistance can facilitate this transition and make it less restrictive.

Professionals such as managers of host tables and lodgings can also call on a kitchen coach. He will accompany them in the development of a new menu with menus inspired by seasonal products and / or from the region. This help is invaluable for managers of establishments who prepare their own cooking. In particular for those who are new to this profession and who do not always manage to manage the budget, the planning or the creation of a card.

How does a culinary coaching session take place?

Do you want to change your bad eating habits but cooking has never been your strong point? Before capitulating, call on a kitchen coach to help you. Before intervening, he may ask you to list your household appliances, your eating habits or your tastes in order to develop a program adapted to your needs. His goal: to define a menu that suits you and that reflects your lifestyle.
In short, he must teach you how to prepare dishes that you can easily make at home, using household appliances.

If you wish to benefit from full support, the coach can join you when you do your shopping. He will then share his tips for finding the right products or buying the right quantities to avoid waste. And if you don't have the time or cannot do the shopping, the coach can do the shopping for you.

Once at home, you will cook under the supervision of your coach! Thanks to him, you will learn the basics of nutrition and good cooking skills. Basics that you can reproduce in the future, when the culinary coach is no longer by your side. Cooking coaching can be defined as a tailor-made cooking workshop!  

What training to become a culinary coach?

The booming culinary coach profession has many vocations! More and more people are using their services. However, culinary coaching is an area that requires certain very specific skills, even if no diploma is required to practice this profession.
A professional career in the field of catering coupled with solid knowledge of cooking is essential. It is also necessary to follow training related to this profession to improve his skills and be credible with his customers. Besides, being a culinary consultant cannot be improvised! You must master certain techniques related to business creation in order to develop your business.

A culinary coach must train continuously to stay informed (standards and regulations in the kitchen, new technologies). He must be able to adapt to the needs of all his clients. For this, he must know how to handle the various devices that are used in the kitchen:

  • Plancha
  • State of the art robots
  • Barbecue

To become a kitchen coach, it is advisable to follow training on coaching in general ... This teaching will be very useful for you to support your customers, motivate them, find the right words ...