What is an expatriation coach?

The fear of leaving, of the unknown, of adapting to another culture ... Feelings that many expatriates and their families can feel ... What if you called on an expatriation coach to live the situation better? We tell you everything.

More and more French people are expatriating for various reasons: starting a new career, changing scenery, taking up new challenges or even tasting a new living environment. Whatever the reason, expatriation is generally scary. To overcome these anxieties, outside help is sometimes necessary to help you live the situation better. This help can come from an expatriation coach who has experienced the same situation and who has the experience necessary to guide and advise a family in a new country. The work of this professional consists in supporting French expatriates to manage the wealth of information they receive so as to keep only what is really useful. A coach is both psychological and "practical" help, allowing each expatriate to better experience their departure abroad or return to their country of origin.

What is expatriation coaching?

How to adapt to your new life abroad? Expatriation is an adventure that can give rise to fears and worries ... It is not easy to go into the unknown and leave your loved ones behind. An expatriate sometimes needs help to approach this exile as well as possible, especially if it is the first time…
Expatriation represents an opportunity, but also a real challenge. An expatriate leaves their comfort zone and leaves for the unknown ... To better live this situation, mental preparation is necessary. Hence the interest in using expatriation coaching to tackle this turning point while remaining positive.
Expatriation coaching is intended for expatriates but also for spouses, children and families wishing to return to their country of origin after a long expatriation.
You can benefit from coaching before departure, during expatriation or after your return to the country.

What can an expatriation coach bring you?

Many expatriates call upon an expatriation coach. Far from being trivial, this approach is essential for successful expatriation. Although going abroad is a rewarding experience, this exile can also have harmful consequences for the whole household and your life in general. Using an expatriation coach allows you to better prepare for this new life.
An expatriation coaching program allows you to acquire the confidence to go into the unknown and understand a new culture in the best conditions. Coaching helps you to overcome all obstacles both internal (anxiety, shyness, lack of self-confidence ...) and external (problems of culture, language, administrative formalities ...). Many expatriates need to be guided during their expatriation. This avoids the stress of being away from the family and makes it easier to find your bearings in your new home. Thanks to his advice, you will adapt to your new life and rebuild your daily life more easily.

To prepare for your new life abroad, the expatriation coach is a great help in managing the "administrative" part. Thanks to his expatriation experience, he is well aware of the difficulties that expatriates can encounter, especially when it comes to administrative formalities. It gives you all the addresses useful for your steps but also advice on places to avoid. The experience of the expatriation coach in the country concerned is a real plus.

Many companies invest in the services of an expatriation coach for their expatriate employees and their families. According to statistics, more than 75 % of expatriation failures are due to the entourage who cannot adapt. This is why companies use coaching in order to anticipate possible blockages and limit these failures,

How is an expatriation coaching program organized?

When expatriation coaching is carried out before departure, support focuses on identifying blockages, fears but also the benefits for each member of the family.
You must, in consultation with your coach, anticipate an effective action plan to deal with these possible blockages.

When coaching takes place during expatriation, the main objective is to support the expatriate and his family on all fronts:

  • Manage jet lag;
  • Choose schools;
  • Adapt to a new language;
  • Contact other expatriates;
  • Manage administrative formalities (insurance, mutual, etc.)
  • To manage stress ;
  • Living the distance;

After an expatriation, the coach intervenes to help you manage this return well and return to the country of origin in the best conditions.  

The coaching is spread over several sessions lasting one hour (approximately). The sessions can be organized individually or in groups. They are led by the coach, himself a former expatriate. Depending on the block, the number of coaching sessions varies (between three and ten sessions). Monitoring can also be done remotely for people in very remote areas.

What training to become an expatriation coach?

This job does not require a diploma, but it is essential to rely on solid training leading to certification. In addition, a number of universities offer training in coaching. They are based on solid theoretical lessons to allow you to master the tools and techniques of coaching. At the end of the training, you will have acquired all the useful skills to develop a coaching program adapted to the needs of your clients.
Coaching training is aimed at people wishing to exercise the profession of expatriation coach: it can be followed by continuing training or a professionalization contract.

After training in general coaching, it is advisable to follow specific training to become an expatriation coach. This option is intended for expatriates who have lived abroad for several years. The expatriation coach training includes different modules:

  • Preparation for individual or family expatriation;
  • Employee coaching;
  • Coaching of the expatriate's family;
  • Support in daily life;
  • Crisis management.