What is a makeover coach?

Do you want to bring a touch of renewal to your personal or professional life to convey another image? Very trendy, makeover is a solution to study. To ensure the success of such a change, the services of a makeover coach can prove to be invaluable. Focus.

Whether in the private sphere or in the professional field, appearance plays a major role. To enhance and sustainably improve its image, makeover is one of the techniques to explore. Unlike image consulting, focusing in particular on body language and attitude, makeovers are mainly devoted to changes in appearance: clothing, makeup and hairstyle. To make a successful makeover, consider having a specialized coach accompany you.

What is makeover?

Dedicated to celebrities before, before becoming more popular in the United States in the 80s, the makeover arrived in Europe in the early 90s. Today, this service is generating a real craze. A full-fledged profession, makeover consists in supporting a person to highlight their assets and improve the image they convey. The goal is to allow him to regain self-confidence to move forward both in his personal life and his professional life. However, it is not a simple transformation! The goal is to take advantage of his potential so that his new look is in harmony with his personality.

Why be accompanied by a makeover coach?

The makeover coach is responsible for revealing the physical assets and the personality of his clients. Good support requires taking into account the lifestyle, needs or tastes of the person. By providing makeover advice, the coach assists in shaping a better image in line with his personality. Whether it's a makeover for men or a makeover for women, this support proves to be useful in satisfying the desire for renewal and change in one's life, in particular:

  • After a break-up: the need to change your head is often felt after a separation. To do this, benefit from the services of a makeover coach allows you to make a new start.
  • After a pregnancy: to find your femininity after nine months of pregnancy during which comfort often takes precedence over the external appearance, resorting to the know-how of a professional in makeover constitutes an excellent solution. This allows in particular to approach her new life as a mother with confidence.
  • In the professional context: makeover services may prove necessary after a professional development, but also before a job interview.

What does a makeover coach bring you?

Benefiting from the services of a makeover coach brings a lot of advantages. Allowing you to have a new look at yourself, this experience allows you to gain self-confidence and confidence. Furthermore, by entrusting your makeover to a professional, he will be able to reveal your potential, whether on a personal or professional level. It will bring you a feeling of well-being and will help you face all situations with strength and determination.

How is a makeover coaching program organized?

Different services are offered as part of a makeover coaching program. Generally, the makeover coach makes a diagnosis allowing him to identify the personality, the personal and / or professional environment as well as the tastes of his client. This step allows him to concretely determine his needs to define objectives. For even greater efficiency, the client may be required to complete an evaluation questionnaire. Once this phase has passed, the professional is responsible for carrying out an analysis of the silhouette of his client, taking in particular his measurements. This study will allow him to highlight the strengths of the person being coached and to camouflage any small faults. Other points are then considered:

  • Colorimetry: the professional in makeover analyzes the skin tone and eye color. He can also use the “drapping” method to define the palette of colors to favor. This technique makes it possible to define the tones in harmony with the physique, the color of the eyes, hair and skin. Colorimetry is a basis for orienting the choice of clothing or accessories.
  • Analysis of the style: after analyzing the client's morphology, the coach defines the style in line with his client's tastes and personality. This service may include, in particular, the highlighting of positive points, tips and advice in the area of clothing, the creation of a building construction plan or the sorting of clothing. The customer benefits among other things from advice on the materials, cuts or lengths of clothing that are most favorable to him. To give him confidence in his choices, the makeover coach can also offer shopping support.
  • The hairstyle: the makeover of the hairstyle must take into account the shape of the face, the complexion, the color of the eyes, but also the personality. In conjunction with a hairdresser, the coach offers different adapted hairstyle styles (color and cut).
  • Make-up: the coach also offers make-up advice, always taking into account the personality, tastes and personal and / or professional environment of his client. During this stage, he learns above all about the latter's habits in terms of makeup. In addition, it performs an analysis of the shape of the eyes and face. Makeup lessons are then offered.

How to train in the makeover profession?

The job of makeover coach can be exercised in different ways: freelance, in a makeover agency or in a hair and beauty salon. This professional can also offer his services at the home of his clients. He is responsible for advising them on their style or on the colors to adopt, whether in terms of makeup, hairstyle or clothing. This profession thus requires proven knowledge in various fields, in particular in fashion, styling, hairdressing, make-up, aesthetics or physical presence.

To embrace a career as a makeover coach, it should be noted that no diploma recognized by the State is available. However, certain training courses can constitute a basis, in particular a course in cosmetics (at least a BTS). In addition, as this job requires verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, communication studies may also be necessary. In addition, the makeover coach must have excellent foundations in psychology to know how to listen to clients perfectly and understand their motivations. Many private schools now offer training to access the profession of makeover coach.