In this period of the Coronavirus pandemic, containment means staying at home and working remotely. For most people, this is an unprecedented opportunity to strike a balance between personal and professional life. Telework can indeed prove to be a method that is beneficial for you and for the company. Here are five benefits of telecommuting during containment.

Better productivity

Many believe that working at home decreases productivity. Even if distractions can divert the employee's attention, this is not always the case. A recent study carried out in 12 countries on a sample of 25,000 workers has shown that working at home improves the quality of work. Indeed, practicing a professional activity in an environment where you feel comfortable can boost productivity. For some employees, working away from the stressful atmosphere of the office allows you to give free rein to your creativity and to finalize projects that are still incomplete. In general, working at home is not only better for personal productivity, but also for group work. If a few months ago, you never had time to speak with your colleagues, now, phone calls and video conferences allow you to develop a stronger professional relationship. In addition, it becomes easier to relax while engaging in conversation in a friendly tone. In addition, the distance discussion is often more harmonious and calm than the live confrontations.

A balance between personal and professional life

Confinement is a stressful period, but one which nevertheless has a significant advantage on a personal level. It is true that for parents, difficulties concerning the management of work and children can arise (taking care of children while working). However, for singles and couples who do not yet have such a responsibility, teleworking is an opportunity to discover a less stressful lifestyle. With a little organization, working from home can be accompanied by sports sessions, doing household chores that have been lying around for weeks or getting closer to your partner. All this is possible thanks to the free time management offered to you. It is thus an excellent means of restructuring one's life in general while respecting the confinement instructions.

Savings and continued professional activity

Following the announcement of confinement, the employees did not all have the chance to continue their professional activities because of the nature of their work. Certain professions cannot be exercised at home. For the lucky ones, switching to telework allows you to keep a stable source of income, even in times of crisis. Added to this is the decrease in expenses related to transportation costs. No more metro or fuel to buy, you can set aside to survive during confinement and perhaps after. 

Work at the desired pace

Generally, teleworking is less stressful than office work. You no longer have to worry about restricting timetables and endless journeys on the road. You are free to prepare your work program according to your availability while avoiding letting go. For example, you can start your work earlier or later as long as you finish it at the agreed time. If you have one or more children, you can proceed according to your free time. This method also allows you to forget the pressure of confinement, especially if you have taken care of looking after your work environment (office isolated from the rest of the household, available equipment, impeccable connection, etc.). With an efficient and meticulously thought-out work program, it is easy to alternate the various tasks left pending. This scheduling is essential for your personal and professional development. 

Far from the stress of the professional framework

Working at home is less stressful than going to the office. Confinement makes it possible to escape the house-work-house routine. No more crossings in the traffic jams of the city while hurrying so as not to arrive late. This daily race is indeed the source of stress and anxiety. At home, work is done in peace, far from the noise and disturbances to which workers in the office are generally exposed. It is easier to relax and properly manage the various tasks, both personal and professional. If many people feel more comfortable working from home, it is mainly due to the considerable reduction in stress experienced. 

The most interesting thing about teleworking is that it is no longer necessary to go out or move around to carry out various professional tasks. In addition to this positive point, there are the time savings made on the usual journey time to get to the office. However, for people who are comfortable working in the office, confinement can be a source of blockage, frustration and embarrassment, even impacting productivity. Despite everything, it is a beneficial alternative, allowing to find a certain balance for oneself, for the family and for the company.