You are certainly, like many French people, forced to stay at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus. You may be afraid for yourself, your parents, your children, and see this situation as a bad scenario for a catastrophic film. Some of you are on the bridge to fight this epidemic and save lives.

We are all, without exception, affected by this epidemic.

We are going through a period of crisis, during which all our benchmarks are disappearing and we must quickly adapt to a new reality.

And as often, this reality goes beyond fiction and we have no idea how to manage this new daily life, confined to the house, with or without work, with or without children, alone or as a couple.

In an ultra-connected world, we all find ourselves isolated and cloistered overnight.

We will also need help and support, because with the abundance of information and without our usual “physical” support system (friends, family, doctor, therapist), this situation can quickly become anxiety-provoking.

This is why we have therefore decided with the team of MyPrivateCoachApp to put all our energy and resources at your service to support you in this difficult moment.

Bérénice Boursier-Baudouin created MyPrivateCoach to democratize advice, and offer moral support, listening, and attention to everyone at a low cost without having to travel. Citizen of the world, she is aware that alone we are nothing and that we must unite and support each other to live.

The official launch of the application was planned for July 2020 and we have decided to launch a BETA version at the end of March 2020 to meet the growing need for moral support and support from French people around the world.

The proposed version is not the final version but fulfills the essential and necessary functions to respond to the urgency of the moment: answer questions from French and Francophones around the world and put them in contact with coaches and experts recognized in their field. 24 hours a day.

In these moments of confinement, the small daily problems can turn into tensions, arguments and it can be difficult to talk to a loved one. Thanks to the application, you will be able to ask your question anonymously and receive an expert response in a few minutes.

With this exceptional situation, we offer the services for free and invite all coaches, consultants and experts to give their time and expertise to overcome the emotional and mental emergency.

MyPrivateCoachApp is the solution to allow you to find answers to your everyday problems when you need them thanks to our certified coaches.

Thanks to our various experienced coaches, covering all life issues (love, family, work, personal development, physical and mental well-being ...), you will be able to get through this situation more calmly.

Take care of yourself.

The MyPrivateCoach team

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