How to improve the quality of your sleep?

Improve Sleep Quality
qualité du sommeil

Occupying about 1/3 of the lives of women and men, sleep is essential for the balance of the body. This phase of rest of great importance affects the emotions, concentration, the energy as well as mental and physical performance. For optimal well-being in your daily life and reducing the risk of disease, improving the quality of one's sleep is essential. Focus.

Psychological, environmental or physiological factors, various elements impact on the quality of sleep. Sleeping poorly leads over time to health problems (anxiety disorders, headaches, digestive disorders, etc.). In addition, poor quality sleep also has consequences for personal and professional life (memory problems, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy, etc.). To avoid these problems, the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is essential.

How many hours sleep per night?

Essential for health, sleep allows you to recover, both physically and psychologically. Improving the quality of your sleep is essential to preserve your immune system, eliminate cell waste stored by the brain during the day, promote cell regeneration and much more. It should be noted that good sleep is defined by its quality, and also by its duration, which varies from one person to another but also according to age.

For example, over 24 hours, a newborn must sleep from 4 to 5 p.m., a child from 6 to 13 years of age from 9 to 11 a.m., an adult (26 to 64 years) from 7 to 9 a.m. and a person over the age of 64, 7 to 8 hours. It is worth pointing out, however, that some people are satisfied with fewer hours of sleep, while others need more. To avoid suffering from sleep disorders, it is necessary to maintain a regularity in the hours of sleep, whether it is bedtime or waking up.

What foods or drinks to avoid in the evening?

To improve the quality of your sleep, eating well is essential. Indeed, by skipping a meal, but also by eating too much or badly at dinner time, you risk insomnia. Particularly fatty, rich in water or too exciting for the body, certain foods are to be avoided in the evening in order to fully benefit from a restful night.

  • Caffeine and theine

Drinks containing caffeine and theine such as coffee and tea should also be consumed after 5 p.m. Exciting, these drinks promote wakefulness and alertness, thus preventing falling asleep. Instead, decaffeinated drinks as well as herbal teas are preferred to enjoy a soothing sleep.

  • Red meat

Requiring a much longer digestion time, red meat, rich in protein, is to be avoided. Before sleeping, it is best to eat fish or white meat, or foods rich in vegetable protein.

  • Fat food

Banning fatty and fried foods from your diet at night also improves the quality of sleep. Fat sauces, crisps and other donuts require significant digestion work. In addition, saturated fat promotes heartburn.

  • Chocolate

Although comforting, chocolate is made up of various stimulants such as theobromine and tyrosine that help increase heart rate. For those who cannot do without it, a small square is enough.

  • The alcohol

If you like to drink a small glass of wine every now and then at dinner, note that the metabolism of alcohol takes place quickly, leading to dehydration and altering the quality of sleep. To avoid thirst in the middle of the night, it is advisable to drink in moderation, but also to drink water between each glass.

What activities to do in the evening to promote sleep?

To improve the quality of sleep, certain activities can be practiced in the evening. Promoting oxygenation of the brain and guaranteeing good general health, physical exercises are essential for sleeping well. However, practiced intensely in the evening, they bring the opposite effect. Indeed, physical activities can give energy by doping the brain with stimulating and energizing substances. In addition, the physical fatigue caused by their practice can cause difficulty falling asleep. It is therefore preferable to do physical exercises, regular and moderate, in the afternoon. This promotes sleep and allows you to have a deep sleep. Also, if you are wondering how to sleep well, note that certain activities are recommended in the evening such as yoga or meditation. Quiet leisure activities such as reading or creative games are also recommended.

If certain activities are to be encouraged, others are to be avoided to fight against sleep disorders. For example, avoid exposing yourself to blue light from screens and other bright light sources. They alter the circadian rhythm before going to bed. In addition, people with insomnia should avoid taking naps.

What atmosphere in the room for a good sleep?

The atmosphere surrounding the bedroom is also essential for improving the quality of one's sleep. To sleep better, make sure that this room is suitable for sleep.

  • A calm atmosphere

To reduce micro alarm clocks, a calm atmosphere is required in the bedroom. For this, you can equip the room with double-glazed windows or soundproof curtains.

  • Good ventilation

Oxygenation of the brain during the night is essential to sleep well. For this, the room must be ventilated regularly. In addition, good ventilation helps to expel polluted air, affecting the quality of sleep and promoting sleep apnea.

  • A dark room

Light prevents the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. By sleeping in a too bright room, you decrease the quality, but also the quantity of your sleep. Diving your room in the dark is also recommended to improve the quality of your sleep.

  • A temperate room

Being too hot or too cold alters the process of falling asleep. Note that sleep occurs when your body temperature drops slightly. To improve the quality of your sleep, it is therefore essential to find the right temperature. Be careful not to overheat the room. It is best to sleep in a cool atmosphere even if you use blankets.

  • A room without waves

The propagation of waves from electronic and electrical devices interferes with the sleep of electro-sensitive people. The presence in the room and the use of electromagnetic devices (mobile phones, television, internet box ...) are not recommended if you want to get a good night's sleep.