10 tips to avoid snacking in confinement

Nibbling containment
10 tips to avoid snacking in confinement


Snacking during confinement can have a weight impact. You should know that snacking has a meaning, because chewing can reduce stress. Here are some tips to avoid it or at least get around it.

1 / Eat at regular times by consuming protein on your plate first!

It is wise to consume your portion of protein (fish, meat, eggs, vegetable proteins) first because the proteins are satiating.

2 / Eat slowly!

Taking the time to eat is imperative, (we have time!) On the one hand for the satiety which is obtained in ten minutes, on the other hand to respect the phases of digestion.

The oral chewing phase is essential and often too short.

3 / Brush your teeth after meals!

It is a reflex allowing to put an end to the meal which has just ended.

4 / Take “smart” snacks to avoid high-calorie ones!

If necessary it is necessary to have portions available allowing a "healthy" snacking

Namely slices of fruit, raw vegetables, unsalted almonds, fromage blanc, ham, turkey breast.

This avoids snacking on ready-made, high-calorie foods such as sweet or savory cookies, cold meats, etc.

Hence the need to do specific shopping to have the right food.

5 / Try to distinguish real hunger from the desire to eat!

Hunger is a pleasant and normal feeling.

The desire to eat can be a response to stress, it is interesting to try to curb it either by a suitable snack, or by investing in an engaging activity when one has identified a desire to eat without hunger .

6 / Autocoacher by writing down your food days on a notebook!

This will allow you to assess your food intake.

7 / Allow yourself one meal or one day off per week to please yourself!

The notion of pleasure is important and helps to avoid frustration.

8 / Do sport even confined, yoga, gym, exercise bike!

Having a sports program is important, it stimulates our body and our mind and can be a great help to avoid snacking.

Many of these activities are relayed on videos that can be easily viewed on the internet.

9 / Prepare low-calorie drinks such as herbal teas, lemon juice.

Drinks have a positive effect on satiety.

10 / List everything you never have time to do and make a program to do it

You will see that you will be really busy and necessarily you will snack less.

Finally, be positive!

The positive attitude in confinement effectively helps us in our daily life.