Today we are meeting with Anthony Fardet, researcher in preventive, sustainable and holistic food for a special fake food interview! He will answer all my questions to help us spot these ultra-processed products that are harmful to our health!

To find your way around the video, here is a short summary with all the topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:00 The reductionist approach to nutrition
3:03 Crash test: vegetable margarine, organic muesli, gazpacho (SIGA)
8:43 Covid-19 and chronic diseases
11:00 The effects of processed food on health
14:35 Who to believe? How to navigate?
18:28 Siga application
19:42 The 3V rule
21:51 In practice, how do you make the right choices?
26:00 Food and psychological brake
29:55 The story of ultra transformation and cracking
31:14 What future for our food?

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