START HERE to get control over your stress

If you feel stressed (and honestly who the hell doesn't right now) it means your body is in a state of agitation; waiting for the next shoe to drop. That may seem like an obvious thing to say but what's NOT obvious are the steps you need to take to deal with it.

Most of us meet the feeling of stress by speeding up. We add more to our plate. Our thoughts race even faster. That pressure only makes your body feel more on edge and the stress you feel even greater.

The secret is to resist the urge to speed up. If you take steps to slow down, your mind will follow.

No matter how scared or overwhelmed you feel right now, there is nothing that you can't handle. I assure you the hardest part to changing your life is getting started. If you need help with managing your stress, or any other topic that's on your mind, check out my new series of pep talks with @Audible, Start Here with Mel Robbins.

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