The practice of photography in the form of coaching

Cécile Maréchal is a psychopractor and travel lover. Her husband offered her a photo coaching session with me.

To prepare for this coaching, I asked him for simple things: photos
which she is most proud of, and especially why she loves them and she made them
(what had she seen specifically?). I asked him to spot some
features of his device before we meet.

When we saw each other for this 4 hour coaching session, Cécile was able to
start to assemble a few techniques and then totally release his
creativity in the middle of coaching to end with a video that she recorded. This video will allow her to do and redo exercises so that the grip of her camera no longer scares her and that she dares to "disturb" it to have photo renderings in line with what she perceives in all. situation (portrait, landscape, street atmosphere, still life, etc.).
Cécile, like anyone I coached, left the session with a tenfold desire to take pictures. With the booklet, and the videos, she will be able to continue exercising and take time for herself to take pictures.

Of course, coaching is not enough. It opens doors that the coachee keeps open afterwards, or closes to open others.

Each coaching is also a session of exchange and mutual learning.
This game of mirrors during coaching also provides the coach with
continuous learning. Several ideas emerged from this session
thanks to the spirit of co-development created by coaching.

While discussing with Cécile, during this session, she made me realize to what
point such a session can be integrated into a broader therapy on the
self-confidence. She keeps this in mind for her work.

Seeing Cécile explain her job, another idea came to us, that of coming to shoot an exchange session between practitioners so that they have a
visual material to explain their approach and also take advantage of the
session to do their portrait.
And many more ideas for exploration and collaboration.

Finally on a personal basis, Cécile summed up this coaching by saying that it was an excellent morning, that the format I propose is real coaching, that her stress of not being up to the task during the session quickly disappeared once the session had started.

During the coaching, I was able to take some portraits of Cécile.
At the time of taking this portrait, she confessed to me that all stress had
disappeared and she was savoring the moment. This can be seen !

A very beautiful morning for me too.

Benoit bernheim