Our challenge: 25 marathons towards 1001 emotions. Walk For You!

Walking and Climbing to carry our desire for positive and lasting transformation of the World and organizations

It is a walk initiated by Philippe Claessen (Alpé practitioner and lecturer) and Yann Picard (Alpé practitioner, mental trainer and entrepreneur). The "25 marathons to 1001 emotions" walk will link Nantes to La Grande Sassière (Alps) from June 26, 2020 to July 26, 2020. 

They will be accompanied by Victor Reculeau, a young high-level footballer playing in Avranches. Fabienne Boisneau, professional coach, Alpé practitioner and trainer will accompany them on the first stages. The sponsors of this “25 marathons to 1001 emotions” challenge are: Philippe Moreau, Gateway Manager and extreme sportsperson, Stéphanie Venier Dargent, entrepreneur of the Astella Laboratory, and Pascal Zellner, emergency doctor and co-founder of IFREMMONT . They will accompany our three walkers in the ascent of the Pic de la Grande Sassière. For my part, I am a mental trainer and coach and I will accompany them in this walk in the form of communication and logistics assistant.

The direction of our walk

We are going to meet the population, businesses and sportspeople to discuss their experience over the past few weeks, around a common theme: the place and impact of emotions today in our personal, professional and sporting lives. For this, we plan to share a moment with each stopover city with those who have answered our call.

Awaken and share the benefits of emotional release

The project therefore links both humans and athletes. We have partners who follow us in this project and we have created a Leetchi kitty "25 marathons towards 1001 emotions" to cover our organizational expenses. The balance of this kitty will be donated to the Visaé association being created to finance emotional liberation support for children in difficulty.

At each stage, a meeting

• Listen, collect your testimonies from entrepreneurs, managers, employees on the place of emotions
• Share with you our experiences on the release of emotional disturbances

The main stages of the adventure

Nantes: Departure on June 26, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
(Marcel Saupin Stadium)

Angers: June 29, 2020

Tours: July 2, 2020

Montluçon: July 10, 2020

Lyon: July 17, 2020

Chambéry: July 20, 2020

La Grande Sassière: July 26, 2020

At each stage, our common thread: The place and impact of emotions in your professional world

Our bets:
Believe in solidarity & mutual aid
Bringing together the world of business, sport, health and young people

Some pictures of the progression

Our needs
⮚ Technical walking outfits
⮚ Mountain equipment
⮚ Nutrition
⮚ Health and care
⮚ Housing

Our solidarity kitty

❖ Objectives:
• Cover the costs of debate evenings and logistics costs
• Transfer the balance to the VIESAÉ association (under creation)
to finance emotional liberation support for children
(hospitalized, foster families and homes…)
❖ Log on Leetchi and Buy:
market kilometers: 1.062 kms
✔1 km = 1 €, 10 km = 10 €…
Climbing meters: 10,000 meters
✔1 meter = 1 €, 100 meters = 100 €…

Link to the kitty: https://www.leetchi.com/c/25-marathons-vers-1001-emotions

Our Indicators

• 1062 Kms traveled
• Elevation: 20,350 m 6,370 m
• 253 hours of walking
• 31 steps
• 42.195 kms on average / day
• 9.5 minutes / km of average speed
•> 1,000,000 steps

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