Throughout the day we make decisions:

Watch yet another series, take a nap, call a friend?
Eat this appetizing brioche or rather an apple?

Stay with this man / woman or stop this relationship that exhausts me and leads to nothing?

Do push-ups or… not?
Watching the news, and knocking myself out watching the curve of the world's deaths reach new heights or looking out the window and clearing your head of negative thoughts?

Dismiss this collaborator or continue to suffer him / her for fear of a lawsuit at the industrial tribunal.

Gobble up this dish, bought everything prepared and filled with chemicals or venture out as a chef and cook a meal with what's in the fridge?
Spend hours on Insta or FB reading uninteresting writings and rests or watching a TED talk or Coursera that will make our brains shiver?

Continue to suffer your boss and the small salary that goes with it, by cursing your boring life or embark on the adventure for (too?) Long retained and create your own business?

Grinning all day long or smiling every new day?
Feel your life as a life of m .... or see only what is positive?
Sell this bag or not?

Feel betrayed, deceived, abandoned or build your life without expecting anything from others?
Put on those jeans or that dress?
Be happy. or unhappy.?

Thus, our life is full of decisions to be made at all times.

Once I understand that every decision, big or small, has a direct influence on my quality of life and my well being, and that I benefit from it or suffer the result, I realize how much time I have lost unnecessarily !
It is my past that builds my present ...

Alla poedie