Want to lose weight? Adapt your diet to your physical activity or your state of health? In life, certain dietary changes may be necessary ... What if you called on a nutrition coach to achieve your goals?  

Generally, to lose weight, it is necessary to adopt a balanced diet and to exercise regularly. Some people also have to follow a specific diet because of gluten or lactose intolerance. Whatever the reason that leads a person to adopt a particular diet, the use of a nutrition coach is sometimes necessary, especially if the person does not know where to start to achieve his goals. 

What is a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach gives clients advice related to nutrition and food. As a coach, he supports you in your weight loss or muscle gain program. His supervision will allow you to reach your goal in the best conditions. He will define a tailor-made program taking into account many parameters: allergies, state of health, current weight and desired weight…
The program established by a nutrition coach is concrete and achievable: it takes into account your eating habits, your lifestyle and your degree of motivation.

Unlike the profession of dietitian, no diploma is required to exercise a nutrition coach activity. Nevertheless, advanced knowledge in the field of nutrition is necessary. You must have a solid foundation to guide and advise your clients effectively.

Why hire a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach intervenes in several cases: weight loss, improvement in sports performance (sports nutrition), improvement in health in the event of specific problems (food intolerance), change in diet (transition to vegetarianism), improve general health…

Many people embark on drastic diets in order to lose weight quickly. But the result is not always there, which can cause great frustration, because you set the bar too high. Others can lose several pounds in a week, and resume them immediately after stopping the diet.
By using a coach, you will exceed your objectives in successive stages. He will offer you a slimming program which aims to correct your eating habits in order to obtain a lasting and effective result.

The change is taking place gradually because the program takes into account the notion of pleasure. It goes without saying that a person will have every chance of achieving their goals if they go on a diet without frustrations or stress. On the contrary, thanks to an adapted program, she will better appreciate the benefits of a healthy diet and will adopt it thereafter. Result: she will have little chance of "going back" to her old eating habits and finding her extra pounds.

Athletes can use diet coaching for several reasons: adapting their diet to their physical activity, correcting their eating habits to gain muscle mass or to help them improve their performance. In a mass gaining program, the coach performs a precise calculation of the calories that the sportsman will have to accumulate. It also determines the number of meals, snacks and the amount of water to consume. It performs continuous monitoring because food intake changes according to weight.

Calling on a nutrition coach allows you to progress in complete safety thanks to an adapted diet, a source of vitality. It explains in detail why you should eat more fruits and vegetables, why choose lean proteins, the interest of eating at regular times or the importance of eating after exercise. 

How is a nutrition coaching program organized?

Nutrition coaching always begins with a first meeting allowing the professional to assess your situation: lifestyle, eating habits, strengths, weaknesses ... For you, this will be an opportunity to clearly state your objectives. This first session with the coach can last more than an hour.

After this first meeting, the food coach will define a program adapted to your profile, your objectives and your motivation. The nutrition coach regularly carries out evaluations to see if you are following the program scrupulously or if you encounter particular difficulties. Even if the program is neither drastic nor restrictive, you may still encounter difficulties. The role of the coach is also to encourage you in difficult times, to dispel your doubts and to help you adopt the right reflexes.

At the end of the course, the nutrition coach performs a final assessment. It will highlight the results obtained. The coach will take this opportunity to share with his client the positive points that he noticed during his coaching. It will also highlight areas for improvement. Once you have completed your collaboration with the coach, you should be able to continue your efforts. Even without him!

What training to become a nutrition coach?

No diploma is required to become a nutrition coach, but solid knowledge of nutrition is required. Being a nutrition coach is above all a way of life and a personal conviction.
A nutrition coach takes care of his person. He is passionate about this area and has the required human qualities (empathy, patience, discretion). Its purpose is to support people who sometimes go through very difficult times.

There are specific training courses to be a nutrition coach. The programs to be a health coach contain several modules:

  • Basis and nutritional balance: knowing the basics for better food hygiene;
  • Blood sugar and overweight: essential program in a slimming program;
  • Nutrition for athletes: training on the nutritional needs of athletes;
  • Micronutrition: to master the classification of micronutrients and know their benefits.
  • Nutrition for seniors: program to control the nutrition of the elderly. They need a specific diet to keep in shape and to prevent the onset of many diseases.
  • Nutrition and maternity: nutrition during pregnancy has an important impact on the mother and child. This program allows you to know the needs based on hormonal fluctuations, after childbirth, during breastfeeding ...
  • Stress management: a coach must know how to manage stress in any situation to be able to support his client.

Marketing: the coach must also learn to communicate better in order to sell his services.