I offer you all my best wishes for this new year 2021 !! 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and in 2021 we all hope for a return to a “normal” life with fewer constraints, both physical and health, and above all sustainable solutions to the pandemic that is hitting the planet. On this channel, we will continue to advise you on diet and the different ways to control your weight, always in a healthy way, for the good of the community.
As of this writing, you are exactly 379,992 subscribers to follow and encourage us. Thank you to everyone, and in 2021: “We love our race! ".

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To help you navigate the video:
0:00 All my wishes for 2021
0:40 A big thank you!
1:27 Good resolutions 2021
2:39 Losing weight in 2021
3:21 The right resolution to lose weight in 2021
4:46 The times when you should not go on a diet
5:21 Some simple tips for starting a diet
7:35 Weight, definition
8:26 Keep a slimming diary to follow your diet
9:10 Lose between 3 and 5 kilos per month
9:34 Food is above all a pleasure

Between two patient examinations, Jean-Michel Cohen welcomes you to his home, his kitchen or his doctor's office to help you eat healthier. On this channel, the nutrition expert helps you understand your eating habits, decipher the labels of the products you buy and rebalance the way you eat.

Author of around thirty books, Jean-Michel is the inventor of the Savoir Leanness diet program, allowing to lose weight sustainably and without frustration thanks to daily support.
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