A time-consuming profession, a busy family and different tasks to manage, such is the daily life of super moms. Discover some tips to meet this challenge every day!

At the same time wife, mom and working-girl, the current woman lives every day at a hundred an hour. She works more than before, but has to manage the children and the house simultaneously. How? 'Or' What reconcile professional life and personal life when we are mom ? What are the keys to being a good mother and a devoted wife without putting your career aside? How to find the right balance so as not to feel overwhelmed? Moms and future mothers, discover advice to finally find balance!

Work / life balance

The desire of the modern woman is to be everything at the same time. It is the blues of the working mom. She feels guilty for not being with her children when she leaves the office late. When she is with her family, she blames herself for not having given herself completely to work. It is high time to stop hurting yourself. Being a mom is above all knowing how to reconcile professional and personal life.

But how get organized when we are mom ? You just need to put in place a good organization on a daily basis. For this, it is important to know how to ask for help, especially from her husband. We must admit that men today are more inclined to get their hands dirty! Not to be a overwhelmed mom, you have to know how to delegate by putting your man to work. By thinking together, it will be easier to establish a good distribution of tasks and thus find the right balance.

Know how to prioritize tasks

The principle is the same with children. It is essential to put them to use very early for the tasks to be carried out every day. From an early age, the child shapes his state of mind: either he grows up with the idea that it is mom who takes care of everything, or he understands quite early that each is responsible for family life. The more each family member is involved in household chores, the faster the house will be in order and the sooner the children will be able to return to play.

In order not to repeat yourself indefinitely, it is best to set rules and highlight them on the refrigerator, a wall of the house or even in the children's room. For young children, nothing better than translating them into images with colored symbols. If the problem is approached in the form of games, they will often be delighted to participate!

Regarding childcare, call a nanny if your budget allows. If not, why not involve the grandparents? It will also be an opportunity for them to spend time with their grandchildren.

Reconciling professional and mother's life: trying to work differently

The importance of finding a balanced in order to reconcile personal life and professional life when we are mom was confirmed by the results of the 9e edition of the OPE annual barometer. However, 64 % of employees believe that no specific action is taken by employers to help them in this reconciliation (flexible hours, teleworking, etc.).

However, each employee is entitled to make requests based on her personal life. Among other things, you should ask your company for more flexibility in the organization of your work (working hours, possibility of working remotely, etc.).

For mothers who work from home, there is nothing like fitting out an office area which will also serve as a refuge. Staying focused in your work, even at home, is the key to success. Don't take too many breaks or relax too much, at the risk of no longer being effective in your work.

Balance between family and professional life: knowing how to decompress

It is essential for each working mum to take time for themselves. Regular activities keep morale high in a busy schedule. Nothing better than sport to relieve stress and to relax. You may well allow yourself an evening during the week to jog or go to your sports class. Indeed, physical activity restores energy in no time. Are you reluctant to get up at 5 a.m. to run? For example, you just have to walk back from the office. We must also think of the hobbies (reading, dancing or singing) that allow you to free your mind. Spending moments of relaxation is essential to find your bearings.

A super mom must have a social life and a love life. This is why it is not always healthy to spend all your free time with your little ones. Organizing a tête-à-tête with your man, shopping with your girlfriends or being pampered at the hairdresser, all these little things allow you to recharge the batteries. It is by making yourself happy that you can distribute it to others.

You can also practice "digital detox". For that we turn off smartphones, computers and tablets! There is nothing more stressful than dining with the family while scanning the phone screen.

Finally, reconciling children with their job and their life as a couple is a question of organization and communication!