The context of the health crisis may have generated conflicts of all kinds; on a personal, relational, family, spiritual and professional level. 

This is why life coaching takes all its legitimacy and social interest in this period of upheavals and changes. 

A life coach can be considered as a guide in personal development. He will never treat his coachee as "a sick person", which distinguishes life coaching from therapy. 

The coach is the one who allows you to find the keys to get you out of complex situations which you cannot find the outcome by yourself. He intervenes in the various areas of your life and accompanies you to strengthen your self-confidence, move forward and take back your life in your hands.

Through a targeted, progressive and personalized program, the coach is a potential revealer and helps you over the sessions based on a relationship of trust to exploit your strengths, to overcome your areas of vulnerability and to use your own resources to reach your goals. life goals. 

Are you ready to take the plunge? The following video may allow you to do so…

Ella Life Coach

The contribution of Life Coaching with Ella Life Coach

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