Introduction to the "Resumption and Reinvention 360" conference with Arnaud Collery

Introduction Reinvention 360 Conference
Introduction with Arnaud Collery

Find Arnaud Collery, Chief Happiness Officer and motivation specialist, for the introduction of the conference “Recovery and Reinvention 360” organized by MyPrivateCoachApp.

Arnaud shares 10 minutes of motivation and boosting in reinvention, her definition of happiness, and his keys to being positive in all circumstances.

Our speaker: Arnaud Collery

Specialist in audacity, reinvention and resilience.

Lecturer specialized in motivation and entrepreneur in the United States and in France

QVT forum fair ambassador in 2020

Pioneer of the concept of “Chief Happiness Officer”

Regular speaker on BFM Business

Conference producer

TedX on happiness, passion and purpose
Author of “Mister Happiness” 2018, Larousse

“Many people are obsessed with the past and the present. Sometimes you have to look to the future. "


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