Ideas for activities to live well daily confinement

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading, the French have been subjected to containment for several days. Given the gravity of the situation, this period is likely to extend. It is therefore necessary to find occupations for the whole family. What to do during containment? Here are ideas for simple activities to do at home.


If you have a garden, vegetable patch, balcony or terrace, it's time to take care of your plants. Wear a hat, take out your old tools and get to work. Containment is an opportunity to beautify your home. 

Invest in an artistic activity

Passionate about sculpture, drawing or painting? Wake up the artist in you. Invest your time in art and create new works. If you don't know your talent yet, take the opportunity to challenge yourself. You may suddenly discover a hidden talent. 

Write articles

Do you like to write? If so, give free rein to your talent as a writer or editor. For example, write a novel, a poem or an autobiography. You can also design blog or website articles. It is likely that your writings will become memorable memories in the future.

Cleaning up 

Isolating yourself at home is not such a bad idea. You can now clean every corner of your home. Put away your cellar or attic, for example. Dust off the places you rarely visit. Nothing is more pleasant than living in a clean and tidy house.

Sort cases

To avoid clutter, separate yourself from unnecessary items. Sort your clothes, decorations, toys and electronics. Divide the useful objects, that you like and those not used. All you have to do is put away the clothes and superfluous objects in the storage room. If they are in poor condition, throw them away immediately. 

Organize emails and files

If you are addicted to work, take advantage of confinement to reorganize your professional emails and files on your computer. Keep and file important messages. As for other files, save your important information to drive, for example. Rename them and sort them alphabetically. 

Concoct new dishes

Amateur or kitchen expert, it's time to try new recipes during confinement. Open your cookbook or watch tutorials on the Internet. If you have them, make your children happy by preparing delicious dishes for them. You will undoubtedly develop your culinary talent.

Practice sports

To stay in shape and increase your immunity, exercise is necessary. Know that it is possible to practice without equipment, and even while staying at home. Download a free fitness app. Wear a sports outfit, bring a bottle of water and reserve 30 minutes of training. Just follow the recommendations. 

Doing meditation

Are you panicking and stressed out because of the seriousness of the situation? A meditation or yoga session will do you good. Get on the floor and take classes on YouTube. As an alternative to the yoga mat, two towels or a lounge mat are sufficient. 

Having fun with children

Do you have a child (ren)? Take this isolation as an opportunity to get closer to them. Play a game, do manual work or draw together. Caring for children is one of the easiest and fun things to do during this time.

Read books

Since you now have free time, indulge in the pleasure of reading. For example, read detective novels, rose water or scientific novels. In addition to distracting yourself, reading enriches your knowledge and improves your analytical skills. 

Spend a cocooning moment alone 

Not leaving the house does not mean neglecting your appearance and well-being. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to pamper yourself. Apply a moisturizer on your face and body. Wax completely or take a relaxing bath with essential oils. It is important to take care of yourself and allow yourself moments of relaxation alone. 

To watch movies

If before, you did not have time to watch your favorite movies, it is now possible to do so. Whether solo, as a couple or as a family, nothing is more entertaining than a movie night. To put you in the mood even more, for example prepare popcorn or appetizers. 

To stay positive, confinement is an opportunity to explore new horizons, to get closer to your partner and / or your children while rediscovering yourself. This period of isolation is perfect for remembering that happiness is at hand at all times, just by staying wisely at home.