In France, the period of confinement is a severe test for all. As the duration is likely to be prolonged, it is better to take advantage of it to strengthen your couple. Find out how to take advantage of this situation of confinement by consolidating your relationship as a couple. 

Support each other

Sex and bonding are not the only pillars of love. To strengthen your relationship, it is essential to support you psychologically and morally.

According to psychologist Aurélie Nebout: “During bad times, people tend to stick together and talk to each other. This crisis situation will thus allow couples to consolidate their ties ”. Containment is an opportunity to improve your communication. The closer you get to each other by sharing your concerns, the more your emotional connection will develop.

Find hobbies for two

Before confinement, you were involved in your respective daily activities. Couple hobbies were not always possible. This period of isolation offers you the opportunity to rediscover yourself and have fun together.

Therefore, practice hobbies for two such as gardening, watching a movie or a series, tinkering or simply cooking. These occupations are perfect for increasing the bond in your relationship. 

Engage in physical activity as a couple

To play sports at home, you do not have to have expensive equipment or a large space. There are simple and easy exercises for couples. You can do it with free mobile apps like My Fitness, Fitness Trainer or Fitness & Bodybuilding for example. The basic movements are for example squats, Burpees, push-ups or abs. 

In addition to helping you stay in shape, sport also boosts your immunity. Physical exercises keep you from having a low morale and losing your motivation. They thus serve to fight against boredom and monotony in a romantic relationship. Good reasons to try this enriching experience as a couple and at home!

Meditate together

Seeing each other 24 hours a day, every day, can cause arguments and stress. Promiscuity can indeed have negative effects. To relax and support the situation more easily, a couple meditation session can help. For novices in this field, different applications are available. Among the best known are Petit Bambou, Pleine Conscience et Mind. These apps are perfect for quickly getting to know the principles of meditation with a few simple exercises for two. Another tip to get into meditation is to consult the specialized channels on the Web or the videos available on YouTube. 

 Rediscovering one's sexuality

Fatigue, work pressure and other family responsibilities often prevent you from enjoying the moments of pleasure. Now, you can share your desires with two. During the free time offered by confinement, explore new horizons with your partner by using sex toys, indulging in role plays or engaging in eroticism. Practiced in this spirit, intercourse rekindles the flame. Do not hesitate to communicate your deepest desires to your partner. This will allow you to capture his attention while spicing up your intercourse.

Share household chores

Staying at home is also an opportunity to help each other. To do this, it is essential to share the chores while setting an example for his / her child (ren) if you have them. 

You can take care of the dishes while he or she cleans the floor. Also do the big housework together by cleaning all the rooms of the house. Obviously, it is important to organize and avoid arguments. The goal of a two-person household is to develop teamwork. It is also a practical and effective way to redevelop your apartment or accommodation, taking into account the advice of your partner of course. 

Plan new projects

Being confined is an opportunity for the couple to communicate. The discussion helps to ease the tension in the face of the alarming situation caused by the coronavirus. Start by defining your common future prospects. Plan projects like going on vacation, going to a restaurant, going out to the movies ... Talking about simple things in life can make the situation better. In addition, holding onto the future helps you to relax and forget the negative points of confinement. The main thing is to stay together and understand each other.

Despite the growing number of divorces in some countries, there is no reason to panic. The basis of the couple is communication. The more you look at the positive sides of confinement, the more you will be able to exploit the strengths of your relationship. That said, don't forget to spend time with your child (ren) if you have any. The security of the home depends above all on the balance established in your couple and the links with your offspring.