Have you tried everything to forget your ex, but you can't turn the page? And now you have only one idea in mind: get your other half back! Here are some tips for a successful recovery strategy.

Several weeks have passed, but you still can't forget your ex? You just can't live without him / her? After a long period of reflection, you decided to do everything to win back your ex? We take stock!

Why would you want to get your ex back?

Can't seem to turn the page? Has life had less flavor since your breakup? The very strong feelings you still have suggest that reconciliation is possible. Sometimes, being away for weeks or months is the best way to realize the depth of your feelings. However, this feeling must be shared!

First of all, you have to keep a cool head at the risk of experiencing a second disappointment. You should consider the possibility that your ex simply does not want to pick up the pieces. Another possible scenario: you can separate a second time, after your reconciliation ...   

How to reconnect with your ex without suffocating him?

Flooding her with messages and phone calls is not the best solution to win back her ex. Before resuming contact, it is necessary to go through a stage of personal reconstruction. Also, before bringing her ex back at all costs, make sure your feelings are shared. Take stock with yourself: is it love that makes you want a second chance or is it just the fear of loneliness? If the scale leans more towards the second option, let time heal your wounds and continue on your way. The only reason you have to come back to someone is love! Ask yourself the right questions: why do you want to reconnect? What are the causes of your separation? Was the breakup thoughtful or out of anger?

During this reconstruction phase, it is essential not to try to contact your ex again. Try to get over it without his help! Keep in mind that each person is the architect of their happiness. You should not rely on others for this. If celibacy weighs you down, there is no guarantee that you will be happier when you are in a relationship again. Morality: do not try to get back in touch if you are in a depressed state. Take charge!

Once this phase is over, you can try an approach without putting pressure on it. It is advisable to write a letter to win back your ex or to write a message. To be effective, the message or letter must express what you have matured. Avoid accusing him of your breakup at all costs. You can discuss the reasons for the separation later, but do not mention any complaints in your letter. The goal is to show your goodwill to pick up your story where it left off.

If your ex responds positively to your letter, don't rush! Suggest an appointment in a neutral location. During the confrontation, do not immediately approach the thorny subject of the breakup. Interested in his situation: How is he? How's his work? … Avoid asking for too much right away. Also, do not force things by declaring your love for it and avoid unnecessary criticism.

How to rebuild your relationship?

Have you made an appointment? It's a good sign ! This shows that your ex is not insensitive to your reunion and that he too may be considering reconciliation. But again, don't rush! Take your time ... To rebuild a relationship on healthy foundations, it is essential to clarify your breakup. And to put the pieces together, communication is essential. Talk about your mistakes without trying to blame the other. It is important to address the reasons that led to the separation and to express the unspoken once and for all.

This phase is very delicate. It is important to keep calm and not try to have one or the other wear the hat. The goal is to find a solution together, not to look for a culprit and overwhelm him even more. For this new start, establish new habits and avoid making the same mistakes that led to the breakup. Bringing your ex back is a first step, the next is to give the relationship wings to make it work.

How to make the new relationship work after getting your ex back?

A break leaves traces! The error is to believe that after having recovered his ex, a relationship resumes normal course, as if nothing had happened. If you start dating again, you must now "work" for this relationship to work. And these efforts must be reciprocal. First of all, you have to know how to put your pride aside and accept your mistakes. Learn from your past. If you haven't given it enough time in the past, do it by taking initiatives! If the lack of attention has precipitated the breakup, express your fears so as not to repeat the same scenario. You have to understand that in a relationship, communication is essential. Make compromises, give in from time to time, listen to the other, reach out or realize that you are two in the relationship ... Do not try to crystallize all of your attention on yourself, also give it a place. Also, don't get behind your partner, take your place! If your relationship prevents you from breathing and living freely, it will eventually explode and will inevitably lead you to a second breakup.

Call on a love coach

Between theory and practice there is often a chasm so do not hesitate to call on a love coach to support you in these different phases. He will guide you and moderate certain actions - often counterproductive - and define an effective strategy to find your ex.