How to define coaching and its trend

Life coach or life coach, this buzzword or hashtag, or simply coach, master coach, personal development coach or professional coach. These are the new therapists and wellness experts. Who are they and why do we need them?  

What is coaching ?

It is neither psychology nor psychoanalysis. We don't talk about his childhood, nor about his past problems. In any case not necessarily. There is no method per se. On the contrary, the practice of coaching aims to help the client to develop skills and his behaviors for better flourish and achieve goals both in personal and professional life. And to be able to confide in someone who has legitimacy and life experience in this area.

When the family or loved ones are no longer enough, or try various advice which does not always apply to vision, and are often biased by the family circle… This is where the coach comes in. The coach will focus on the future rather than the past and help the person find immediate solutions that will help them move forward and find their own solutions and avenues of reflection.

Coaching is a dynamic process

Coaching is therefore a dynamic and practical process by which a person is guided towards the implementation of change to achieve the results he wishes to achieve. A luxury previously reserved for a certain elite, at often high prices, it is now affordable with the MyPrivateCoachApp application.  

The mind, a crucial role in success! It is well known, a person who has self-confidence, and who feels surrounded and especially not alone will be more likely to make the best decision, the best reflection when faced with a particular problem, than a person who would feel abandoned, or alone when faced with a problem. As in the case of a athletic. A winning mind is going to have more results than a person who has just trained physically. All with identical physical performance.

Over the years, a true coaching philosophy has been created, and it has spread to a whole host of other sectors. There are all kinds of specialties that attract performance, success and success.

My PrivateCoachApp app has understood this and has therefore recruited the best coaches in different fields, with direct access to the coaches of your choice to help you become the best version of yourself.