To feel comfortable with yourself, the art of dressing is essential. Whether you want a change in your professional or personal life, bet on makeovers. In this case, finding the right professional is necessary. To guide you in your choice, here are the tips for choosing a makeover coach.

There are various reasons that could lead to calling a makeover coach. This specialist in particular helps a person to feel good about himself by shedding light on the style of clothing in line with his personality. The coach also intervenes if you are at a key point in your professional career: new position, change of activity, etc. He will help you adapt your wardrobe to circumstances and improve your image at work. Choosing a makeover coach, however, requires taking certain parameters into account.

Tips for choosing a makeover coaching specialist: pay attention to the feeling

As when choosing a life coach, sports or culinary, the choice of a makeover coach should not be made at random.

If you are looking for advice on choosing a makeover coach, know above all that it is useless to turn to the first comer. Take into account your feeling with the specialist. Indeed, if he is sympathetic and available, you will have no trouble telling him of your desires, your goals or your doubts. In addition, the coach will be better able to advise you. A successful collaboration requires a good understanding. In the event that the coach does not take the time to answer your questions or discuss with you if you have not made an appointment, contact another professional. An effective makeover coaching must be placed under the sign of listening and exchange. A good coach in this area must know how to put you at ease and listen to you to better understand your needs.

Ensure the ability of the makeover coach to support you

Among the tips to take into account to choose a good makeover coach, find out beforehand about the methodology adopted by the professional. This will allow you to reassure yourself about its ability to support you in achieving your goals. Generally, before the start of the service, the coach will present his method as well as the program. As part of a makeover coaching program, the coach generally offers the filling of an evaluation questionnaire (your personality, your tastes, your personal and / or professional environment…) as well as the analysis of the silhouette of the customer. This allows him to better identify you in order to better advise you. Other stages are then carried out, in particular colorimetry, style analysis, hairstyling and makeup. Note that coaches offering group sessions are not recommended. Furthermore, for good results, the professional must devote more than 4 or 5 hours to you.

Choose a makeover coach based on prices and contract

Understanding the contract is also one of the tips to keep in mind when choosing your makeover coach. This professional must provide you with a specific working environment that is the subject of a written contract, to be signed by both parties before the start of the program. This contract specifies various information, in particular the number of sessions, the overall objective to be reached and the end of the program. The establishment of a contractual framework proves the respect of a strict code of ethics by the coach.

To choose a makeover coach, also take into account the rates offered. Be aware that some professionals are paid a percentage on customer purchases. In this case, the more they buy new clothes or makeup, the more the coach collects money. To avoid any doubt, it is important to establish a relationship of trust. In this case, a makeover coaching specialist offering fixed pricing is recommended. Instead of directing you to expensive parts, it will seek to be based on your budget. However, make sure that the tariff is previously and clearly defined and that it is indicated in the contract.

Does the makeover coach have to be a graduate?

Before taking a makeover coach, whatever it is, his training is another determining criterion. Note however that this trade is not regulated, no state diploma exists to exercise it. Professional certifications recognized by the RNCP are however issued by image consulting training schools. Although no specific diploma is required, it is preferable to direct your choice towards a makeover coach having followed a course in cosmetics. Training in hairdressing, styling and relating to everything related to the field of fashion is also recommended. Note that a good coach must also have empathy, a sense of listening and understanding. He must also have knowledge of psychology. Now that you know all the tips for choosing a makeover coach, all you have to do is find the professional that meets your needs.