How to choose a sports coach?

Sports coach
Choose your sports coach

Hiring a sports coach may be necessary if you want to get back in shape. You still have to find the right coach! Here is some useful information to find and choose the right sports coach.

Want to get back in shape, but don't have the motivation to get there? Have you already signed up for a gym membership, but are unable to reach your goals? Be aware that the exercises to be performed vary according to your goals and your physical profile. If the motivation is not there or if you do not know where to start, a sports coach can accompany you. His advice will allow you to train in the best conditions to reach a set goal.

Sports coach: the required diplomas

Prefer a sports coach with a diploma allowing him to teach sport, such as a professional certificate for youth, popular education and sport with a specialization in fitness activity (BPJEPS AF) or a STAPS license. The diplomas obtained after these courses give the right to the issue of a professional card. The latter attests to his ability to exercise as a physical educator. It confirms that the person has indeed passed the professional examination to become a sports coach. In addition to the professional card, it is also necessary to check whether its activity is registered with the URSSAF or with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of its department.

Sports coach: the feeling

You and your sports coach must work together to define and achieve goals. It goes without saying that the agreement has an impact on your motivation, and therefore on obtaining the desired results. The coach must also have the ability to motivate and encourage you to help you surpass yourself.

Generally, the coach offers a first contact which allows him to know your expectations as well as your physical condition. For your part, this first meeting is an opportunity to assess whether the current is flowing between you and the coach. To eliminate doubts, you can ask for a first session without obligation. In this way, you will know if you can work with him, if you are comfortable or if he is able to motivate you. If the current does not pass, do not hesitate to meet other sports coaches to make the right choice.

Sports coach: choose the coach according to his objectives

It is important to choose the sports coach according to your goals. Most coaches specialize in different areas:

  • weightloss ;
  • muscle building;
  • fitness;
  • cardio training ;
  • fitness trainer.

A specialized coach corresponding to your objectives has the skills and experience required for your follow-up. A good coach will advise his client on what is achievable and show him what is not. A conscientious professional will not dangle unrealistic results (a week to lose 5 kg for example). If you want to lose weight, he must have the necessary qualifications to advise you on the diet to follow in addition to the exercises you will be doing indoors.

In short, a good coach will bring you expert advice. He will motivate you and give you exercises calibrated according to your objectives, your body type and your sporting level.

Sports coach: prices

The sports coach tariff is also an important element to take into account when taking a sports coach. Indeed, some professionals apply high prices, because they are popular on social networks or because they train stars. High prices are not always guarantees of quality, beware. The ideal is to make comparisons to find the one that offers the best offer in relation to your goals. Do not hesitate to ask around to find the right professional. Indeed, word of mouth often allows you to find the rare pearl.