How to choose a personal development coach?

How to choose a personal development coach?
How to choose a personal development coach?

In everyday life, it is sometimes useful to use a personal development coach to achieve life goals that we set. However, it is essential to speak to the right person so that the result is there. Here are some tips to help you choose the right coach.

More and more people take a personal development coach to achieve their daily goals. Indeed, outside help can be the lever needed to improve your everyday life. A personal development coach is useful to give advice and support anyone wishing to achieve personal goals, whatever they may be. Finding the right professional is not easy, however. Many people claim to be coaches and exercise without having any real qualifications. Being a coach cannot be improvised. This job requires special skills, professional qualifications and many human qualities. How to choose one personal development coach? Here are the four advice to follow in the choice of a life coach ! 

Tips n ° 1: learn about the legitimacy of the coach

The main objective of a personal development coach is to assist his client so that he achieves his objectives, and this, under the best conditions. To do this, he must have certain essential qualities (kindness, listening, patience, etc.) as well as very specific qualifications. The following criteria must be taken into account for choosing the right personal development coach :

  • Training: to be a good coach, the professional must justify specific training. These are necessary to acquire the basic tools as well as the methods for exercising the profession. It is also necessary to ask for the duration of the training and the institution that provided it. Prefer coaches with RNCP certification (National Directory of Professional Certifications) which attests to the seriousness of the training. It is not enough to read a personal development coach book to become one!
  • Experience: A significant asset in this job, the coach must know how to adapt to all situations and help people with very different personalities. His years of experience in coaching should allow him to help in all cases.
  • Deontology: a good personal development coach must of course respect fundamental rules. He undertakes to respect the privacy of his customers and must in no case disclose information on their privacy.
  • The qualities necessary to exercise as a coach: optimism (essential to encourage others to move forward), empathy (their ability to understand others), openness (their ability to accept and differ from each other respect) and communication (his sense of communication is important to establish a relationship of trust between him and his client). 

Tip # 2: Feeling is Important When Choosing a Personal Development Coach

In addition to the criteria of training, experience, professionalism and human qualities, it is also important to choose a personal development coach with which the current flows. A coach is a partner who accompanies the client in his project. These two people having to travel together over a certain period of time, it is important that they maintain a good relationship. The client must feel secure and confident with his coach. He must feel comfortable speaking freely about his private life, his fears and his weaknesses without fear of being judged in return. The only way to assess the situation is to meet the coach in person. The customer can thus check if the feeling passes between them. Indeed, it will be difficult to reach objectives in case of disagreement with the coach. The relationship between the coach and the client must be healthy and respectful. The coach must be able to guide his partner without creating tension, but with confidence and kindness.

Tip # 3: the method and program applied by the personal development coach

The personal development coach must use an adapted program and method to help his client achieve his objectives. His prior analysis of the person to coach, as well as his experience should enable him to define the appropriate procedure to put in place. Each session will therefore have a goal that is clearly part of achieving the objectives set.

Advice n ° 4: the contract and the prices of a personal development coach

After having carefully examined the trainings, the qualities and the program of the coach, it is advisable to dwell on the type of contract proposed as well as the rates applied. It is important that the client choose a coach whose prices correspond to its payment capacity. Furthermore, it is necessary to carefully study the contract. The latter must indicate the objectives, the commitments of the coach, the duration of the coaching as well as the frequency of the coaching sessions. It is also advisable to check the conditions of termination as well as the rules in the event of cancellation of session. All these elements deserve consideration before deciding whether to commit. 

To find the right coach, don't hesitate to download our MyPrivateCoach app and seek advice from our customer service. Testimonials from former clients can also be beneficial in finding the right coach for you.