How to choose a parental coach?

parental coach

Parental coaching is starting to be more and more successful in France today. This support service aims to solve problems of relationships between parents and children, and to promote family development. For effective results, however, choose your parental coach. Focus.

Although having a child is a great source of happiness, there are a number of obstacles that can arise in their education, from birth to adolescence. Frequent disputes in siblings, difficulties of authority vis-à-vis the children, school difficulties or lack of understanding between the two parents concerning the education of their children, these concerns come to alter the family development. To remedy this, use a parental coach is necessary. Its role is to help parents reach their goals to find family serenity. So that this can be done, choose the right parental coach.

Choose a parental coach with a feeling

Whatever the age of their child, parents can face various difficulties which they do not always know how to react:

  • Constant opposition, repeated anger or problems at certain times of the day such as meals for the little ones;
  • Refusal of authority, school concerns or lack of involvement in the life of the home for older children.

These sources of tension often ruin the daily lives of families and can in the long term lead to school failure or family breakdown. If you face such situations, seek advice from a parental coach or family coach. Whatever your needs, you must choose one capable of supporting you in achieving your goals. If you are looking for advice on choosing a parental coach, trust your feelings about them first and foremost, which should be positive from the first contact. Choosing a coach, regardless of their area of intervention, is choosing a person who makes you want to talk and to whom you will give full confidence. If a doubt remains in your mind, do not be tempted by this adventure.

The ethics charter of the specialist in parental coaching

In choosing a parental coach, it is essential that the latter respects a certain code of ethics. This job requires asking personal questions, but also working on confidential matters, the parental coach must respect the rules of respect for private life and confidentiality. In addition, choose a specialist who believes in the dignity and integrity of every human being. He must agree to respect you, but also to respect your requests and needs.

The choice of a parental coach should be made by a professional who does not pass judgment on the type of education you give to your children. Nor should it interfere in conflicts between members of your family. Thanks to his ability to listen and his empathy, the parental coaching specialist will be able to take the necessary step back and provide food for thought in order to change the situation.

Focus on the program proposed by the coach

Before choosing a parental coach, find out about the program provided by the specialist. For effective coaching, he must set up a personalized strategy in line with your objectives. For this, he should in no case impose his method on you, but study with you the best strategy to solve your problem. Among the advices to know before choosing a parental coach, know that the approach of this type of coaching generally rests on three phases:

  • Diagnosing problems: during this stage, the coach sets out to detect the problems that led you to call on him. For this, he will not hesitate to immerse yourself in your daily life to see firsthand the relationship you have with your children. The parental coach also engages in questioning and active listening to better understand your situation.
  • The proposed solutions: once the diagnosis has been made, the coach offers advice and tools adapted to your parenting problems. These recommendations must be applied daily so that harmony returns within the family sphere.
  • Follow-up: once you have the tools and advice to follow to overcome your problems, the coach does follow-up work to verify the application of his recommendations.

The qualities and skills of the parental coach

Admittedly, the profession of parental coach is not regulated and does not require any specific diploma. However, it is a profession that cannot be improvised. So, if you are looking for advice on choosing a parental coach, note that turning to a pedagogue is essential. This specialist must know how to take on the role of psychologist. He must demonstrate an excellent ability to listen and analyze. He must speak to children, but also know how to find the right words to encourage and re-boost parents. In addition, a good coach must have mediation skills. Do not hesitate to take a parental coach with experience in the childhood sector, education and communication sciences (child psychology, childcare…).