Breakfast… the sacrosanct breakfast! Have you seen all the products on the breakfast aisle? Today, Dr Jean-Michel Cohen has decided to decipher for you crunchy buns such as rusks, toasties, Wasa, Krisprolls or even grain and cereal breads. Caloric values, lipids, carbohydrates… You will find out everything about these crunchy breakfast rolls! Sorry, the famous Cracotte is missing (but we already know a video about it)!

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What do you have for breakfast? Cereals, fresh bread…? Maybe just tea or coffee? These crunchy breads often have the reputation of being healthy, but you will see that for equal weight, they are much more caloric! And the reasons are very simple!

To help you navigate the video:
00:00 Intro
0:21 The definition of crunchy breakfast breads
1:34 Video clip - Krisprolls - The confession / agency The Presidents - The Presidents -
1:41 Whole wheat Heudebert rusks
3:22 Heudebert biscuits brioche flavor
4:12 Monoprix grilled mini-toasts
4:50 Pasquier brioche grillétines
6:22 Video sample - Whazaaa Original - aznkillerq -
6:29 Wasa fibers
7:24 Krisprolls Pagen
8:16 Buckwheat crackers - Léa Nature
9:24 Sigdal Seed Crackers
11:37 Crisp breakfast: advice from Jean-Michel Cohen

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