Feeling DISCONNECTED from your friends right now? Watch THIS.

Every time a pattern in your life changes, your friendships will change too.

You've experienced this when you started a new job, when you moved, when your kids started playing on different sports teams, and especially when you start pursuing different goals than the goals of your friends.


Friendships are driven largely by proximity. The more often you bump into someone, the more often you're likely to hang out with them. The opposite is also true. The less often you bump into someone, the less often you hang out with them. I'm sure you've heard the saying that there are 3 types of friends: friends for a season, friends for a reason and friends for a lifetime.

You know who your lifetime friends are. Everybody else is in your life for a season or a reason. Right now, you are in the season of COVID.

Zoom happy hours got old REALLY fast. Remote work and remote learning means you don't have the chance for all those serendipitous connections. And this pandemic is doing a hell of a number on all of our mental health which is why you don't have the energy to plan an outdoor gathering.

This is temporary, this a season. We will get through this. Your lifetime friends will always be there. The new season will bring new friends.

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