How to choose an expatriation coach?

Expatriation coaching
Choosing the right expatriation coach

It is not easy to give up everything to go and settle in an unknown country ... What if you called on an expatriation coach to live this "exile" in the best conditions? How to choose the right mentor? Follow the guide !   

Fear of the unknown, of not adapting, of not loving one's new destination, of feeling alone in the world ... Expatriation is an experience that prompts us to ask ourselves many questions. These questions are perfectly normal ... To better experience this change of environment, calling on an expatriation coach can be a solution to support you in this transition. This aid is aimed at both employees and their families. This coaching should allow expatriates to keep a positive mental attitude in order to better adapt to their new life. An expatriation coach helps you find your mark in your new professional and personal environment. How to choose your expatriation coach? Here are some criteria to take into account to make the right choice!

What services are offered by an expatriation coach?

An expatriation assistance consists in helping a person (and his family) to better manage the changes linked to his new life in order to successfully integrate his professional and cultural life.

It should be noted that the coaching profession is not regulated. Therefore, everyone can proclaim themselves a coach without having the necessary skills to exercise this profession. It is therefore essential to take some precautions before choosing your expatriation coach.

To start, check his training. Even if it is a professional who has spent years abroad as an expatriate, this is not enough to be able to support other people on their journey. Specific training is essential to learn all the tricks of the trade and develop the skills required. Many schools are listed in the national directory of professional certifications. It is a guarantee of professional credibility. Do not hesitate to rely on the recommendations of other people (former customers) to choose your expatriation coach. In addition to training, experience is a major asset in this profession. Also find out if this coach is undergoing training to improve their skills, or if they belong to a professional association.

To find the right expatriation coach, it is also advisable to learn about the ethics of the coach, his approach and his practice.

You must have a good relationship with your expatriation coach

Once all these parameters are taken into account, it is time to dwell on your feelings. The coach is a person who will be present by your side, so you must have total confidence in him. First, you must speak with him to assess whether the current is going well between the two of you. Ask yourself the right questions :

  • Do you feel that you are listened to enough?
  • Do you feel comfortable with him?
  • Does the coach make you think or make you see new perspectives?
  • Do you want to work with him?

The quality of the relationship is a key element that determines the success of coaching. If the coach makes you uncomfortable or does not inspire confidence in you, it is better to talk to another person.

What is its legitimacy?

It is recommended to use a certified coach, who has long experience in this profession. For example, if you are expatriating to the United States, and you want to know how to adapt to your new life abroad, the ideal is to take a US expatriation coach who has lived there for several years.

Indeed, a person who has had a similar experience will better understand how you feel. If she has gone through the same difficulties, she will give you the best advice in expatriation. However, in addition to field experience, the expatriation coach must also have the skills necessary to practice the coaching profession. He must demonstrate training in coaching certified by a recognized school. Also turn to a coach who is part of a professional association such as ICF, SF Coach or even EMCC. In addition, professional coaching must be the subject of a contract and be carried out within a legal framework.

Study the prices of your expatriation coach

The price of coaching is extremely variable from one coach to another. It depends on the client's request, the reputation of the professional and also his experience. It is necessary to make comparisons. Coaching for an individual costs between 150 and 200 € per session (duration 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes). It takes between 200 and 350 € per session if the coaching is paid by the company (once every two weeks). The duration of support varies according to the objectives to be achieved.