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Low emotional frequencies and their impact on our health with Elisabeth Correvon

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These emotions that gnaw at us from the inside and that shape our outside world.

FEAR - ANGER - NON-FORGIVENESS - I JUDGMENT - NON-LOVE OF SELF - DIVISION ... THE EGO AND ITS MINDS that we allow to poison ourselves at every moment of our existence, without even wondering why we leave them full powers !

The bane of anger is the worst thing we have to offer!

At every moment like a virus, it creeps into us because we open wide the doors of our material dimension to move away without even realizing our Spiritual dimension.

This emotion which we cultivate with fervor, which we nourish for years or throughout a life for some, brings us what? Does this anger make us happy? Does it allow those around us to thrive in a home filled with joy and love ???

Why am I angry? Come to think of it, in many cases, we don't want to forgive and we don't even know under what circumstances this time bomb was born which devastates our life by preventing us from advancing on the path of our inner happiness.

The non-forgiveness that ferments in the hollow of our being in very low frequency is the trigger of all our ills, psychic and physical and of what we attract to us in life.

It sits at the heart of our digestive system, takes up all the space and cuts us off from our part of eternity, from our part of love which is a high frequency.

In this world where we are all looking for the best for us, the latest technology, high definition, we forget the most important!

It is not outside of us that we must apply all this alchemy, but inside us.

Our speaker Elisabeth Correvon is a Holistic Energetician, specialized in Psycho-Energetics, Control of Vital Energies and Parallel Plans. Its job is to relieve you of the entities stuck to you if necessary, to put back in place your bodies and subtle energies, which are the very foundation of your ability to live. But also to make you aware of your Spiritual dimension without which you would not exist.

It helps you find the harmony that lies dormant within you.

She also carries out Energy Trainings for adults and children to give you back your Self-autonomy, as well as Targeted Trainings on working with Les Plans Parallèles.