Dot Collector to be made available for use on Zoom

For many years I relied on a tool called Dot Collector to allow everyone to hear from everyone in a meeting without interrupting each other, to have people give and get real time feedback, and to collect info to enhance people's development plans, reviews, and job investments. Since I showed the Dot Collector in my TED Talk, people have been asking me to make it available to them and I have wanted to do that but I never had a good opportunity. Then the folks at Zoom asked me to make it available to enhance Zoom meetings. I'm happy to announce that the Dot Collector is going to be integrated with Zoom by year-end so everybody can use it in their Zoom meetings.

The Dot Collector for Zoom allows everyone in a meeting to share their perspective - not just those who are speaking. It enables more inclusive collaboration and in the moment feedback so you can learn what you are doing well and where you can improve. Studies show that cultures with more feedback have more effective and engaged employees. Over time, the data collected as dots paints rich pictures of people and their performance, which is invaluable for helping people and teams improve. In the same way that elite athletes crave constant candid feedback from their coaches, the Dot Collector transforms Zoom into an environment where everyone can grow and evolve to their highest potential.

You can find the app here: