Like Jessica, choose a program suitable for everyone to lose fat DEFINITELY without a diet and in less than 2 hours of sport per week 👉

“I'm super happy, there has been a huge change in myself whether it's physically or mentally. I really learned to eat, because in the end we realize that we have NEVER learned to eat! We eat what we have in the fridge, but not necessarily healthy for us… ”

Jessica is 35 years old and has 3 children. Since she was 16, she has been on yoyo diets: she loses weight, then gains even more. 3 years ago, she clicked when she saw herself in a photo. She must act! She begins sports and a drastic new diet. Victory: she loses 30 kg! But that's when the disease breaks out: she suffers from polyarthritis.
Between pain and depression, she stops sport, takes refuge in food again, and regains 10 kg.
She would like to regain control of her weight and discover the YouTube channel Move Your Fit. Despite the communicative motivation of the coaches, she cannot really get back to sport.
With confinement and no longer able to go to her usual gym, she decides to take the T12S program. In 3 months she lost 15 kg by doing sport 4 times 20 minutes a week, and without being hungry (unlike the first 30 kg that she lost by being hungry and fighting against her body).

The strong points of the program:
✅ we really learn to eat healthy,
✅ ultra-motivating sessions with professional coaches who know how to reboost us when we are going to let go,
✅ the private Facebook group with the benevolent community and the coaches at the cleat!

Jessica has converted her whole family to the T12S diet, she is satisfied with her more athletic physique and has regained her confidence.
Its winning formula: T12S + VP4S + M6S
👉 She gets up early in the morning to do her sessions, in order to reconcile her family and professional life.

His advice for you:
We don't have to think about it, let's go! And in the end we feel good and we are proud of ourselves 💪
Do not hesitate any longer, take the program: it is great and suitable for everyone (even with autoimmune diseases)

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