Clara Morgane ambassador of MyPrivateCoachApp!

Clara Morgane Ambassador
Clara Morgane Ambassador

TV host, model, muse and real business woman ! The beautiful and sulphurous Clara Morgane is a recognized influencer in the sphere of bloggers and women of influence! So we couldn't think of anyone else to represent our new concept.

Clara Morgane is the new ambassador of MyPrivateCoachApp. The nnew innovative and practical application qyes accompanies you in the private and professional areas of your life. We all have in our smartphones dcoaching applications with videos of personal development, fitness, methods to lose weight or advice to save your couple ... The problem is that they stay often unused because there almost always find the same advice. The same formulas ou packages to buy.

Clara Morgane and MyPrivateCoachApp, a no-brainer

When Clara heard about the MyPrivateCoachApp and its concept of direct contact, she did not hesitate for a second to want to parager her experience, his knowledge and give advice for helping others in their chosen field, love! Clara and experts in the field, will come into direct contact via messaging, texts, emails and telephone exchanges to assist you in your problem. Breakups, doubts, single moms, and any other special problem to advise you.

MyPrivateCoachApp offers un new and innovative system sure package basiss. MyPrivateCoachApp you accompane without you have need to leave vbone activities or from you move as for a shrink or a therapy session. Discretion, efficiency.Lhas the feeling of being accompanied at any time of the day or when the need arises will change your life.

Personalized coaching is now available to everyone! The application will be available by the end of the year!