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What is a culinary coach?

Culinary coaching is aimed at both professionals and individuals who wish to embark on a culinary project. The kitchen coach is a great help to prepare

What is a nutrition coach?

Want to lose weight? Adapt your diet to your physical activity or your state of health? In life,...

What physical activity should you do when you are overweight?

Is your new resolution to shed your extra pounds? In addition to a good diet, sport is the best way ...

How to choose a sports coach?

Calling on a sports coach may be necessary if you want to get back in shape. You still have to find the right coach! Here is some useful information to find the right sports coach.

Becoming vegan, are there any dangers?

It is perfectly legitimate to wonder whether or not being vegan presents health dangers. In...
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The thirst for recognition: what is it?

The thirst for recognition: what is it? Build up a reserve of signs of recognition. Do you ask yourself, when looking at Instagram profiles, why people have an almost visceral need to show off? The thirst for recognition is present from very early childhood in human beings; it is expressed at this age in the form of a need for stimulation, by which the child seeks to be looked at, touched and kissed. For the human being, it is important to make a reserve of signs of recognition throughout his life, because this allows him to feel himself existing in the eyes of others. How to build up your reserve, and if possible, positive rather than negative signs? An example to build up your reserve: do a photo shoot A life process with a coach

The practice of photography in the form of coaching

How coaching and photography can help you get to know yourself better, gain self-confidence and lead to collaborations.

Our challenge: 25 marathons towards 1001 emotions. Walk For You!

Walk and Climb to carry our desire for positive and lasting transformation of the World and organizations.

Reflect, think and plan to achieve your goals

By Marie Rousselle As we start the second half of the year, it is a good time to reflect ...
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