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Conference June 14, 2020, Sport & Nutrition

Conference "The keys to regain control of your diet and your health without depriving yourself"

The past few months have changed the eating habits of many of us. Some have discovered cooking, others have eaten junk food and have lived since the reopening of restaurants. A few weeks from summer and the arrival of sunny days, you want to find a healthy lifestyle that requires better nutrition. Join our coaches and nutritionists who will share their advice for taking back control of your diet and your health, without feeling like you are depriving yourself!

strengthen immune defenses
Health & Wellness, Sport & Nutrition

10 ways to strengthen your immune system

By Doctor Véronique Gabriel-Marquier, nutritionist doctor. Strengthening one's immune defenses means acting on one's lifestyle (changing one's diet, preserving one's sleep, practicing physical activity, etc.). Discover our 10 practical tips to stimulate your natural defenses and help our body to defend itself…

nutrition coach
Sport & Nutrition

What is a nutrition coach?

Want to lose weight? Adapt your diet to your physical activity or your state of health? In life, certain dietary changes may be necessary ... What if you called on a nutrition coach to achieve your goals? So …

Becoming vegan, are there any dangers?
Sport & Nutrition

Becoming vegan, are there any dangers?

It is perfectly legitimate to wonder whether being vegan poses health hazards or not. Indeed, it is accompanied by many dietary restrictions. Update on the subject. Vegan mania has grown significantly in recent years. This ...

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