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To overcome the crisis, MyPrivateCoach offers free coaching

You are certainly, like many French people, forced to stay at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus. You may be afraid for yourself, your parents, your children, and see this situation as a bad scenario for a catastrophic film. Some of you are on the…


How to define coaching and its trend

Life coach or life coach, this buzzword or hashtag, or simply coach, master coach, personal development coach or professional coach. These are the new therapists and wellness experts. Who are they and why do we need them? What is that …

Clara Morgane Ambassador

Clara Morgane ambassador of MyPrivateCoachApp!

TV host, model, muse and real business woman! The beautiful and sulphurous Clara Morgane is a recognized influencer in the sphere of bloggers and women of influence! So we couldn't think of anyone else to represent our new concept. Clara Morgane is the new…

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