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parental coach

How to choose a parental coach?

Parental coaching is starting to be more and more successful in France today. This support service aims to solve problems of relationships between parents and children, and to promote family development. For effective results, however, choose your parental coach. Focus.

Expatriation coaching
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How to choose an expatriation coach?

Fear of the unknown, of not adapting, of not loving one's new destination, of feeling alone in the world ... Expatriation is an experience that prompts us to ask ourselves many questions. These questions are perfectly normal ... To better experience this change of environment, calling on an expatriation coach can be a solution to support you in this transition.

Parental Coach

What is a parental coach?

The profession of parental coach, although it is not regulated, has more than ever the wind in its sails! This professional supports parents to help them resolve conflicts with their children or simply improve their parent-child relationship. We tell you ...

Family, Job

What is an expatriation coach?

The fear of leaving, of the unknown, of adapting to another culture ... Feelings that many expatriates and their families can feel ... What if you called on an expatriation coach to live the situation better? We tell you everything. Furthermore …

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