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Conference June 14, 2020

Conference “How to find a balance between professional and personal life?”

Reconciling professional and personal life is a challenge for parents. Discover the advice of our coaches to find a balance.

Conference "How to manage stress? "

What are the causes and effects of stress? How to fight stress with gentle methods? Let's discover the tools to manage it and get better.

Conference "Fashion, beauty, new challenges and new trends"

With the COVID-19 health crisis, the Fashion and Culture sectors suffered a violent impact (cancellation of Fashion Weeks, closure of museums and beauty salons and all shops) which has upset our current societies. Through this conference, we will discuss the new Fashion and Beauty challenges that have arisen with the confinement situation.

Conference "The keys to regain control of your diet and your health without depriving yourself"

The last few months have changed the eating habits of many of us. Some have discovered cooking, others have fed on junk food and have come back to life since the restaurants reopened. A few weeks into the summer and the arrival of sunny days, you want to find a healthy lifestyle that involves better nutrition. Join our coaches and nutritionists who will share their advice with you to take control of your diet and your health, without feeling like you are depriving yourself!

Conference "Resumption of individual and collective sport"

The collective and individual sport professions have been strongly impacted by the crisis and the confinement and there is ...

Conference "How to let go when I don't have a minute for myself?" "

Are you overwhelmed and the idea of getting in the air and blowing seems like a sweet illusion? You see the days and weeks and months go by and don't have a minute to spare. Letting go is everywhere. We explain that you have to let go in order to manage your stress, find inner calm or develop self-esteem and self-confidence. But what does this mean exactly?

What is MyPrivateCoachApp?

Bérénice Boursier-Baudouin, Founder of MyPrivateCoachApp presents the conference Reprise et Réinvention 360.

Economic recovery and Startups conference: current challenges

Our expert entrepreneurs share with you their vision of the economic recovery, their strategy for rebounding and their advice for entrepreneurs.

Introduction to the "Resumption and Reinvention 360" conference with Arnaud Collery

Join Arnaud Collery, Chief Happiness Officer and motivation specialist, for the introduction of the conference "Reprise et Réinvention 360" organized by MyPrivateCoachApp.
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The thirst for recognition: what is it?

The thirst for recognition: what is it? Build up a reserve of signs of recognition. Do you ask yourself, when looking at Instagram profiles, why people have an almost visceral need to show off? The thirst for recognition is present from very early childhood in human beings; it is expressed at this age in the form of a need for stimulation, by which the child seeks to be looked at, touched and kissed. For the human being, it is important to make a reserve of signs of recognition throughout his life, because this allows him to feel himself existing in the eyes of others. How to build up your reserve, and if possible, positive rather than negative signs? An example to build up your reserve: do a photo shoot A life process with a coach

The practice of photography in the form of coaching

How coaching and photography can help you get to know yourself better, gain self-confidence and lead to collaborations.

Our challenge: 25 marathons towards 1001 emotions. Walk For You!

Walk and Climb to carry our desire for positive and lasting transformation of the World and organizations.

Reflect, think and plan to achieve your goals

By Marie Rousselle As we start the second half of the year, it is a good time to reflect ...
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