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Economy and Education
Conference June 14, 2020, Job

The resumption of education and employment

Retrouvez la conférence « La reprise de l’éducation et de l’emploi » dimanche 5 juillet à 19h sur la chaîne YouTube de MyPrivateCoachApp. Inscrivez-vous ici. Julien Barbier graduated as a valedictorian from the European Institute of Technology, one of the top software engineering school in Europe. Through his career …

realize his dreams
Conference June 14, 2020, Health & Wellness

Conference "Reconnect to your big and small dreams and dare to realize them"

The unprecedented nature of the current health crisis has changed our daily lives in many ways. Often criticized for everything it prevented, confinement nevertheless offered the surprise opportunity to reconsider the deep meaning of his life. Rediscover the time to live and simple and essential pleasures. Remind yourself of your heart projects that are constantly pushed back or forgotten.
Through this conference, Morgane and Lantou invite to implement simple and intuitive tools on a daily basis to “reconnect to your big and small dreams and dare to realize them”

Conference June 14, 2020, Sport & Nutrition

Conference "The keys to regain control of your diet and your health without depriving yourself"

The past few months have changed the eating habits of many of us. Some have discovered cooking, others have eaten junk food and have lived since the reopening of restaurants. A few weeks from summer and the arrival of sunny days, you want to find a healthy lifestyle that requires better nutrition. Join our coaches and nutritionists who will share their advice for taking back control of your diet and your health, without feeling like you are depriving yourself!

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