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Economy and Education
Conference June 14, 2020, Job

The resumption of education and employment

Retrouvez la conférence « La reprise de l’éducation et de l’emploi » dimanche 5 juillet à 19h sur la chaîne YouTube de MyPrivateCoachApp. Inscrivez-vous ici. Julien Barbier graduated as a valedictorian from the European Institute of Technology, one of the top software engineering school in Europe. Through his career …


How to manage stress during this period of confinement?

The watchword of the past few weeks is: "Stay at home". An important instruction that we must respect to end the pandemic that is raging. However, not being able to go out with friends or family for fun is one of the least bearable constraints of confinement.


What are the benefits of telework in this period of confinement?

In this period of the Coronavirus pandemic, containment means staying at home and working remotely. For most people, this is an unprecedented opportunity to strike a balance between personal and professional life. Telework can indeed prove to be a method that is beneficial for you and for the company. Here are five benefits of telecommuting during containment.

Expatriation coaching
Family, Job

How to choose an expatriation coach?

Fear of the unknown, of not adapting, of not loving one's new destination, of feeling alone in the world ... Expatriation is an experience that prompts us to ask ourselves many questions. These questions are perfectly normal ... To better experience this change of environment, calling on an expatriation coach can be a solution to support you in this transition.


How to unite your teams after a difficult year?

Motivating and pushing your team to work together is important, and even more so when the company is having a difficult time. The manager must therefore know how to unite his team so that all employees move forward together and achieve a common goal.

Family, Job

What is an expatriation coach?

The fear of leaving, of the unknown, of adapting to another culture ... Feelings that many expatriates and their families can feel ... What if you called on an expatriation coach to live the situation better? We tell you everything. Furthermore …

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