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Visualization: a path to success

Image visualization exercises, used in particular in the world of sport, can be very effective when you are faced with a challenge. What would you imagine in five years, a year, a month?

The contribution of Life Coaching

A life coach can be considered as a guide in personal development. He will never treat his coachee as "a sick person", which distinguishes life coaching from therapy.

Is positive thinking a scam?

The injunction to happiness and positive thinking flourishes on the shelves of our bookstores and on social media posts.

3 small exercises to boost your self-confidence!

Here is a series of simple exercises to do to better understand your strengths. And what could be better than knowing and working on your strengths to increase your self-confidence?

Conference "Reconnect to your big and small dreams and dare to realize them"

By its unprecedented nature, the current health crisis has changed our daily lives in many ways. Often criticized for everything it prevented, confinement nevertheless offered the surprise opportunity to reconsider the deeper meaning of his life. Rediscover the time to live and simple and essential pleasures. Remembering his heart projects that are constantly postponed or forgotten. Through this conference, Morgane and Lantou invite them to put in place simple and intuitive tools on a daily basis to “reconnect with their big and small dreams and dare to realize them”

Conference "How to manage stress? "

What are the causes and effects of stress? How to fight stress with gentle methods? Let's discover the tools to manage it and get better.

Conference "How to let go when I don't have a minute for myself?" "

Are you overwhelmed and the idea of getting in the air and blowing seems like a sweet illusion? You see the days and weeks and months go by and don't have a minute to spare. Letting go is everywhere. We explain that you have to let go in order to manage your stress, find inner calm or develop self-esteem and self-confidence. But what does this mean exactly?

On the importance of decision-making

All day long we make decisions: Watch yet another series, take a nap, call a friend ...

5 steps to accept the change related to containment

Most of us don't like change because we are worried about the new reality. To go from initial refusal to acceptance is characteristic of human nature. This mechanism is known as the 5 Stages of Reaction to Change, studied by psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

Let's not be afraid of evils

We have all known, at one time, at least one difficulty, one problem. No one escapes it. The difficulty, for some, is to get back up, to keep moving forward, but also to learn, to make decisions.

10 ways to strengthen your immune system

By Doctor Véronique Gabriel-Marquier, nutritionist doctor. Strengthening your immune defenses means acting on your lifestyle ...

10 tips to avoid snacking in confinement

Snacking during confinement can have a weight impact. You should know that snacking has a meaning, because chewing can reduce stress. Here are some tips to avoid it or at least get around it.
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The thirst for recognition: what is it?

The thirst for recognition: what is it? Build up a reserve of signs of recognition. Do you ask yourself, when looking at Instagram profiles, why people have an almost visceral need to show off? The thirst for recognition is present from very early childhood in human beings; it is expressed at this age in the form of a need for stimulation, by which the child seeks to be looked at, touched and kissed. For the human being, it is important to make a reserve of signs of recognition throughout his life, because this allows him to feel himself existing in the eyes of others. How to build up your reserve, and if possible, positive rather than negative signs? An example to build up your reserve: do a photo shoot A life process with a coach

The practice of photography in the form of coaching

How coaching and photography can help you get to know yourself better, gain self-confidence and lead to collaborations.

Our challenge: 25 marathons towards 1001 emotions. Walk For You!

Walk and Climb to carry our desire for positive and lasting transformation of the World and organizations.

Reflect, think and plan to achieve your goals

By Marie Rousselle As we start the second half of the year, it is a good time to reflect ...
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