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C’est parti pour 10 minutes de body sculpt avec une paire d’haltère (ou 2 bouteilles d’eau) à faire à la maison, en vacances ou en déplacement professionnel 😉
Cette séance de 10 minutes est parfaite si vous reprenez le sport ou si n’avez pas plus de temps aujourd’hui à accorder à votre entrainement.
10 minutes de body sculpt peut également faire partie d’une séance plus longue, suite à une séance de running, etc…
Si vous avez un objectif concret de perte de poids ou de remise en forme, il vous faut un programme structuré avec des séances complètes qui vont vous mettre en mouvement de manière efficace.
C’est le cas du programme T12S qui propose une véritable méthode qui englobe à la fois la partie sportive en moins de 2h par semaine et l’approche nutrition pour apprendre à vous alimenter correctement pour votre santé, sans sensation de faim ni régime 👉


Lose fat permanently without diet and in less than 2 hours of exercise per week at home with T12S - TRANSFORMATION 12 WEEKS

Having a flat stomach, toned abs and a solid perineum, it's possible with VP4S: the unique method to target this area and have real results in 4 weeks

M6S is the ideal program for short workouts (30 minutes) at home with the goal of building muscle with very little material in 6 weeks

With FB8S, no more flattening buttocks over time! And hello the pretty rounded buttocks that benefit the silhouette in 8 weeks!

To put an end to stress once and for all, think 28JPS: 1 video per day for 28 days to learn to live in harmony with yourself and with others

Boost your energy in 28 days for yourself: introduce a new ritual in your daily life, find strength, mobility and flexibility with 4 new videos per week and apprehend life in a positive way ☀

No more evenings where you get kidnapped by your sofa! Go from Netflix to MYF training: your gym on video on demand

Continue to do adapted sport throughout your pregnancy (if you have no contraindication) to maintain a sporting activity and prevent muscle wasting


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We are Jessica and Alexandre, sports coaches since 2003! We have, during all these years, accumulated a lot of experience and we have therefore decided to offer you all of this via this YouTube channel.

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⏰ Monday at 6 p.m .: a general fitness class (bodysculpt, step, yoga, pilates, stretching, buttocks etc ...)
⏰ Saturday at 10:30 am: HIIT to lose fat and radically transform yourself. We support you in each session under live conditions.

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