It is perfectly legitimate to wonder whether being vegan poses health hazards or not. Indeed, it is accompanied by many dietary restrictions. Update on the subject.

The vegan mania has grown significantly in recent years. This way of life has become known in particular thanks to influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc. surfing in particular on the protection of animals, which is at the heart of their concerns.

Veganism update

Veganism is a way of life that excludes any consumer product from animal exploitation. Its objective is to exclude as much as possible the activities that cause animals to suffer in order to have a low negative impact on others but also to preserve species. There are many dietary restrictions because foods of animal origin are prohibited. Before becoming vegan, it is advisable to educate yourself and change your habits gradually. Better to gradually reduce animal products, to replace them with plant products.

The main benefits of veganism relate to nutrition, but also animal and environmental protection. Food, clothing, cosmetics, medicine and leisure are all affected. The production process or the practice of these must not use and / or exploit animals.

The differences between veganism, veganism and vegetarianism

A distinction should be made between veganism, veganism and vegetarianism. Veganism is a way of life while veganism is a diet. Vegans and vegans do not consume meats, eggs, fish, honey, dairy products and foods incorporating pork gelatin. The vegan diet is based on foods that come from plants (fruits and vegetables), legumes, and grains. However, not all vegans submit to the lifestyle vegan. Vegetarianism, on the other hand, excludes only animal flesh (fish and meat), but includes eggs and milk.

"Vegan Dangers": Deficiencies due to veganism

It is advisable to seek advice from a nutritionist before adopting a vegan diet. Ask him questions. Depending on the metabolism, each individual needs to consume certain foods or certain vitamins. Each case is different. To become vegan without endangering his health is possible. But for this, this diet must be properly practiced and followed by a dietitian to avoid dangers of a vegan diet like in particular nutritional deficiencies.

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is the main risk, as it contributes to the renewal of certain cells and the formation of red blood cells. This vitamin is present in fish and meat, but also in milk and eggs to a lesser extent. Therefore, it is imperative to find substitutes providing this vitamin B12 to reduce dangers of a vegan diet.

  • Iodine, iron and calcium

Vegans should be especially careful with iodine intake. Iodized salt, seafood and fish provide this trace element and food supplements can remedy a deficit. As for iron and calcium, many plant foods contain a large amount (parsley, broccoli, soy, cabbage, almonds, tofu, chickpeas, dried fruit, etc.). Certain mineral waters are also rich in it.

  • The proteins

Proteins are vital for the body and a lack of them puts you at risk of weakening the immune system. Vegetables and cereals provide good quality. Favor quinoa, seeds, nuts, legumes or protein powder.

Vegan diet: health hazards or not?

A well-led vegetarian diet has limited risks and may even be beneficial for cardiovascular health. The situation is different for veganism, free of animal flesh and products from their exploitation. You have to completely rethink food, pay attention to what you eat and have a great knowledge of nutrition. Special precautions must be taken for lactating or pregnant women, since the nutritional intake of the mother depends on the development of the child during these periods. Bad choices can be dangerous, it is recommended to stick to an omnivorous diet if in doubt.

The vegan diet is not suitable for everyone and a balanced diet is possible by limiting yourself to the consumption of products of plant origin. This observation applies to a healthy adult individual and not to nursing or pregnant women, nor the elderly or sick, nor to growing children. The important thing is to integrate in one way or another all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body. Better to favor whole and natural foods when you decide to move towards a vegan food and avoid the dangers.