How to make a balanced plate? Here is the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you must consume to make a varied and balanced plate. Eating a varied and balanced diet means finding the right amounts between the different foods. You will see that there are simple tips to cook the right amounts easily without having to weigh the food. 🙂

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And beyond the balanced plate, you will see how to make a complete and balanced meal! You will see that for the dose of protein or the dose of starchy foods, your hand can help you measure the quantities to avoid excess!
On the menu :
Plate of raw vegetables
Pan-grilled salmon with starchy foods and vegetables (carrots and asparagus)
And dessert! 🙂

To help you navigate the video:
00:00 Intro, How to eat balanced?
0:28 The ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
0:56 What are the components of a balanced meal?
1:07 How many plants are in a balanced plate?
2:00 How much grain products are in a balanced plate?
2:26 How much protein is on a balanced plate?
3:13 What about vegetable protein?
3:55 The perfect plate
4:23 The trick to measuring the amount of starchy foods
4:45 The trick to measuring the amount of protein
5:22 Fat on a balanced plate
5:57 Make a complete balanced meal
8:56 Eggs and cholesterol
10:00 How to play with food equivalences?

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