Here is a series of simple exercises to do to better understand your strengths. And what could be better than knowing and working on your strengths to increase your self-confidence?

* First exercise: take a piece of paper and a pencil. On your paper, write the names of three people.

The first must be part of your professional circle, the second of your family circle, and the third of your circle of friends. These people must be kind to you. Next to each of the names of these three people, write what they say about you. Finally, ask them directly for the talents and strengths they would attribute to you! This exercise requires, for many people, to get out of their comfort zone, but the positive effect on self-confidence is guaranteed!

* Second exercise: ask yourself the following questions: what were my interests when I was a child?

What was I good at? What were my strengths according to the adults around me? This exercise will allow you to better reconnect to your talents, and to ask yourself if you are using them today or if you preferred to put them to sleep. If you recognize yourself in the second statement, how could you use your original talents in your current life?

* Third exercise: imagine a situation where you found yourself learning quickly and easily.

You found ? Congratulations! You have before you one of your best strengths, one that makes the difference and with which you can have an impact on yourself and your environment. Take advantage of it, or continue to work with pleasure, and your talent will improve to reach new heights.

It would be very interesting to have your feedback, if you experience one or more of these exercises. Do not hesitate to share it in the comments!

Magali Giraud