By Doctor Véronique Gabriel-Marquier, nutritionist doctor.

Strengthening one's immune defenses means acting on one's lifestyle (changing one's diet, preserving one's sleep, practicing physical activity, etc.). 

Discover our 10 practical tips to stimulate your natural defenses and help our body defend itself against viral and bacterial infections. 

1 / Have a balanced and diversified diet

This is the basis of our form, "food is our first medicine" said Hippocrates!

The ideal is to prefer the homemade to the prepared dishes.

2 / Have sufficient water intake

A minimum intake of one and a half to two liters per day is necessary for our body in the form of water, herbal tea, tea but without the addition of sugar.

3 / Limit sugar intake

Added sugar is not necessary for our body.

Let's get into the habit of avoiding adding sugar or consuming ready-made and sweet products (sweet yogurts, dairy desserts).

4 / Limit salt intake

Ditto for salt, we consume too salty and often have the reflex of salting before even tasting.

5 / Limit alcohol intake

There is no question of completely eliminating alcohol (!) But of limiting it, a glass of wine a day would be the right dose…

6 / Practice regular physical activity

We have to move to solicit our muscle mass and our organism, ideally half an hour a day, so let's move !

7 / Limit tobacco

If quitting is often complicated, reducing is already the first step!

8 / Avoid the systematic consumption of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs

We tend to consume easily and regularly these types of drugs which, in the long run, have a negative impact on our immune defenses.

9 / If possible, be as close as possible to your weight.

An ideal weight is less a vector of risk factors and thus makes it possible to better protect your body from attacks.

10 / The little extra:

A little help may be necessary, but like everything, common sense is essential.

It is not a question of accumulating dozens of food supplements on a daily basis but of taking some wisely.

To stimulate its natural defenses, I recommend:

Aloe vera drinkable and not dehydrated 90 ml on an empty stomach per day (and yes, I know the subject well!). It is an immune defense booster and a natural prebiotic.

- Probiotics (interest of certain strains like lactobacillus rhamnosus)

- Natural vitamin C, our body can neither manufacture it nor store it!

- Essential oils like ravinstara

- kefir, my last discovery: fermented food

Take care of yourself !